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Edibles experiences Thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by T Swank88, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I personally havent dont any edibles but I really want to sooo bad like to get a brownie or something cause i heard the high lasts like 6 hours. Thats fuckin intense. Anyways I've heard a lot of funny stories that have come from people taking edibles. I wanna hear some more stories just because i like hearin em. Hopefully someday I'll get to try one.
  2. Hmm well I can't think of a "story" atm, but in high school I always did enjoy a brownie or two, then goin to sleep before I'm high, and waking up in a couple hours baked as ever, and munchin on some sun chips or corn nuts for hours on end.
  3. I went to hempfest and got like 5 weed cookies. They were really really dank. They give you the craziest body high. I just took them throughout the next week and half. I swear i couldnt even feel my body half the time.
  4. God damn that sounds like so much fun.
  5. Well my girlfriend wanted to try weed but she use to be anti-smoking (luckily she sparks with me all the time now). Anyway, I copped a g and made some firecrackers with pecan butter and graham crackers. Luckily it had that oil on top too so it was good for firecrackers. I read a lot of differing views on how much you should put in each so I just made 4 with .25 in each and we each ate one. After like 30 minutes and not feeling anything we ate the other two. Then about 30 minutes later they started to take effect lol. I had a nice buzz going on but she was high as balls. We started fucking (because all couples do that when they're high right?), and it slipped in her was (she was an anal virgin) and she was in paiiiinnnn lol. We chilled for a bit and next thing I know she walks out the room and collapses. I start freaking out but she wakes up and says she didn't feel anything lol. And then we continued fucking.

    Not the best story but hey its something lol
  6. Edibles are great. I've only ever tried firecrackers but they work wonders :D I was high as shit for thanksgiving after just one (can't smoke at my grandparents house so I made a fw fo the trip) and it was the best thanksgiving ever!
  7. Oh yeah i totally forgot about that. I usually just go to the apprentice or seasoned and forget about the other ones.
  8. when i eat MY edibles i just fucking love watching family guy. i make some serious edibles man they put you on your ass
  9. I had my first brownie for my high schools homecoming junior year and it was one of the best nights of my life. Me and my date took one each right after our families took pictures so we'd be good for dinner. It hit us both at the same time halfway through dinner and we were fucked up, driving to the actual dance was no easy task so she calmed me down with a nice handjob. The dance itself was crazy i felt so confident and blazed off my ass it was almost like being very drunk without the stupor. I danced my ass off and after we went to a small after party where i ended up fucking her in the back of my car. By the time i dropped her off i was next to sober so i knew my parents would be cool. Perfect first time with edibles.
  10. i just made some microwave brownies. recipe called for two tablespoons of oil, so i poured two tabelspoons into the bowl, sprinkled some hash in, mixed it quickly, added to the dry ingredients, microwaved it, ate it, didnt feel anything. man shit sucks... didnt put too much hash. oh well.
  11. I think your supposed to make cannabutter first by extracting the THC and making it into a butter liek form to then mix with the brownie mix.

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