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Edibles dont work

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Crowbarsludge, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Ok i did some edibles for the first time during rock usa. First i tried 300mg sucker and nothing then i tried 600mg nothing. Today i had a 900 mg sucker got a little buzz i think. Now either i am screwed or maybe the edibles were bs. So wtf do i go higher or maybe try some higher quality edibles. Anyone have a similar experience
  2. Edibles have rarely worked for me and I have had dozens from dispensaries in CO. I think edibles have a shelf life and must be stored properly. Like buds, edibles will degrade when exposed to air and/or light.
    All of my faith was lost in edibles...until I started growing and
    I had lots of trimmings. I decided to give making my own butter a try and it turned out so potent it actually is a little scary. I follow this recipe Stupid Potent Butter With Minimal Trim - Cooking With Cannabis - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
    Make sure you "decarb" your material before using it as this is key to making it all work. Decarboxylation: What It Is, & Why You Should Decarb Your Weed
    How To: Decarb Your Weed In 5 Super Easy Steps
    I ended up with butter that changed my day to day life. It is truly a medicine and I don't smoke nearly as much as I used to. A bite of an edible gives me relief for hours. I make lbs of it at a time and it lasts for months when stored properly. I hope you try this yourself and experience how great edibles can be.
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  3. I have some home made cookies that if you have one will make you scarily intensely will even be stoned the next day.
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  4. When THC goes through the bloodstream, you don't get the "buzz" affect you get when smoking a joint or hitting a pipe or bong, etc. It acts more as a body type high. I've never tried any of the edibles that I would say I got a buzz from and I've tried all different kinds. It does relax me and I will feel something, but nothing like the feeling you get from smoking some nice buds. It would definitely be considered more of a medical affect...for me anyway. I know everybody's different and I smoke more than the average bear of some really killer stuff simply because I grow my own. Maybe to someone who doesn't have the tolerance of a horse, it would be a bit more noticeable. LOL TWW
  5. Yup. If I take my homemade oil say around 4-5 PM, I will still feel somewhat zonked at noon the next day.
  6. Sounds like the life.
  7. [​IMG]
    To many hash caps will still make me trip like a well known 3 letter drug from the 60s and I've been taking the stuff non stop for years now. 4 caps twice a day is my go to for stability with my condition and be functional. A really nasty spasm and I'll double that dose but it'll have me seeing shit that I know damn well isn't there for about 4 hours. Grass in the yard will start to undulate and look like the ocean with waves rolling through it. Colors get really bright and intense and I'll get clumsy and club footed, booting things I'd normally step over.
    Cant talk if I get really hammered. I think I'm sounding fine but I can tell from the pissed look on my wife's face I've gone a cap to far.
  8. Another tip for the OP that I forgot about: Take them on an empty stomach and don't eat at least until you feel the buzz coming, might be 1-2 hours. That will give you a base to work from, you can tweak the timing etc. from there.

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