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Edibles don't work unless I'm on an empty stomach.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlackGuyShoes, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. So originally the edibles I had were 10mg per piece of little chocolate candy gummy, etc.. all 10mg. I never got a noticeable high from them, even after eating 4-6 of them at a time. I thought this was because of their low dosage. Fast forward a little bit, and now I got a taffy bar thats 100mg. I eat the whole thing, I was absolutely blazed out my mind and I started laughing uncontrollably at something I was thinking about for a good 5-10 minutes. I tried a smaller piece the next time, still get pretty damn high. Couple of days later I try 3/4th of the taffy and don't feel a thing, ate the rest of it and nothing. Today I got some gummy worms, they're 20mg a piece. I ate 4 of them over 2 hours ago. Nothing.

    What I realized? Everytime they didn't work I had just ate prior to eating the edibles. I've concluded that edibles are not digesting and the THC is not activating at the same time / quick enough to make me really feel the high. If anything it's a very mild high nothing compared to what it was like when I had eaten on an empty stomach.
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    Well yeah with lots of material inside your stomach, your system works through that first...and if there's edibles mixed in, consider the amount of overall surface space in that food they're taking up? - It'll probably be that it mixes in with the mass of the food, and what you get is a very slow release of the edible, bit by bit, hence the "mild" feeling you're getting...

    There's a wait time for it to kick in as you're no doubt aware by I said...if you really want to feel the effects of an edible, hold off on smoking or vaping while waiting. This will be the only thing that can familiarise you with how your body and edibles work together.

    So, here's some help - My suggestions for edibles:

    1: As I touched on above - You won't know, I mean really know, unless you're doing it without getting stoned while waiting.

    2: For best balance eat it on a relatively empty stomach, maybe a half hour to 45 minutes after eating something SMALL. This will stop it both hitting you like a truck and seems to keep the effect going longer. So basically you want something small, that's already in the process of being digested. This way the edible won't "water down" into it, because the food will be physically out of the way by then.

    2.5: Mango could be that small snack. Apparently there's something in mango that enhances the high. I can't say I've ever personally put it to the test, which is why this is 2.5, not 3.

    3: Eat it whole, as opposed to bit by bit.
    I mean, it doesn't seem like you're using it in any other way than recreational, so...
    I've learned that the overall effect you get tends to balance with the effect of the first/only bit you have.
    So if you eat one edible broken up into about 3 pieces, it might last a little longer, but you'll only tend to get the high feeling of the FIRST bit and how much that effects you.
    Guess it depends on what you want, actually.
    Lower grade buzz but longer lasting? Bit by bit.
    Stronger hitting buzz, that might not last quite as long? The whole thing at once.

    4: Caffeine and heat - hot tea/coffee, use these WITH your edible.
    Will help break it up in your stomach and will be more quickly absorbed, and the caffeine will increase your heart rate and blood flow slightly.
    Long story short?
    It'll kick in faster.

    5: No. Fucking. Alcohol.
    Far as I can tell alcohol taken before edibles stops/reduces their efficacy...I'd suggest not having any alcohol on the same day as them at all...and if you're going to, wait until after you're well on your way with your high.
    Far as my uneducated ass can tell, I'd suggest it's something to do with the fact your liver processes the THC into er ?11-hydroxy-tHC?...and it seems it might "prioritise" with metabolising the poison/alcohol or some such when you drink, and the THC seems to comparatively go by on the wayside.
    I don't really KNOW why this happens...I just figure this is likely the case...but basically?
    I've known alcohol to completely shoot edibles in the foot. So NO drinking.

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