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Edibles dont work for me anymore

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by prettycode, Jan 26, 2014.

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    In college on a few occasions, I partook in marijuana brownies and felt the effects of the cannabis. Fast forward eight years, and something about my body seems to have changed--I no longer feel any effect from edibles.
    I recently tried strong edible products from a couple local collectives and felt no effect of cannabis. Another consumer of the edibles became very medicated, on the other hand.
    Smoking, marijuana definitely does affect me. I'm a moderate smoker--about an eighth of marijuana every two weeks. Edibles though--my body doesn't seem to process the same way others' does. Or the same way as in college.
    Anyone have an idea what's up? What does this mean? Should I be concerned about my liver function? Edibles used to work--why wouldn't they now? I'm really kinda bummed.

  2. I can make some that will make you lost in your own house.
    Your getting weak shit.
  3. Edibles do not work on everyone, they dont work for me either. I've tried trillions of them, while friends got all muffed up I would be sittin there sober as a doorknob.
  4. me too, well snoop i would looove to try those !@[member="snoopdog6502"]

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