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Edibles are crazy

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Luggernutt, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. I made Brownies last night with like 2 eighths of Dank as weed...
    I felt like I was melting the whole night, then I just passed out.

    Share your stories here.
  2. Well, that's edibles my friend :D!
    They will get you everytime.
  3. i eat edibles everyday and I get high as shit everyday

    just last night I ate like 3 doses and i had to hold onto my couch because I thought I would melt into it if i didn't
  4. I guess I'll share a couple of stories...

    My first time ever trying an edible was some butter I made, just the water/butter method.
    I thought I would fail from the get-go, and had no faith whatsoever in eating weed being something that would work.
    I can't remember how much I put in, but it was a fair amount of post-vape, about $30 worth of bud (not decarbed...had I known then...) and like about a medium sized bag of leaf/stem/tip from a mates grow.

    Cooked up like 6 sticks of butter, overnight.
    To hide the smell I cut open whole cloves of garlic and started slow grilling them...of course this might've seemed odd to do at like 1am in the morning, but it seemed to do the job.
    I also threw on a pasta sauce at one point.

    So yeah the next day, I seperated it all, reheated it and rendered the excess water, and poured the butter mixture into a bunch of little ramikins.
    It was a bright green colour.

    So I had some spread on toast.
    First experience with the taste of a really green butter. Ach!
    I ate my at this point I'd researched how to make butter in this method, and I knew you could pretty much use it in whatever you'd normally put butter in/on.
    What I didn't know is how long it took to kick in.

    So, after about 10-15 minutes of feeling nothing at all and obviously "confirming" my failure to myself I loaded up and had two vapour bags from my extreme.
    I don't know how long it took, but there was a point I realised I wasn't coming down, and was seeminly at a climbing high...thus began my first edible experience.

    It was confusing, it was terrible, it was fun, it was many times I tried the "water splash" (it's a go-to for overwhelming edibles that never works but I always try) so many times to snap out of it.
    For the first 2 hours after the kick-in I felt terrible.
    So on edge.
    So body-smashed...I wan anxious and pacing a lot and couldn't concentrate on anything well enough to kind've get my mind off things.

    So yeah, learned a valuable lesson that day, that I confirmed the next day.
    There is a kick-in timeframe for edibles - Be patient and proceed with caution.
    Not a very interesting story, I know...but there it is.

    Here's a story about my friend Tim.
    Edibles do not react well with him...though time and again he seems to ignore my advice when it comes to edibles.
    I tell him not to do them on a completely empty stomach or the kick-in will be more intense and it'll go through your body quicker.
    I tell him when the high is kicking in at first "lets do something", because I can see green out potential.
    Nope - he kind've lets it wash over him while he'll sit there staring at the wall or floor, turning white.
    He throws up sometimes.

    Here's one of the times he threw up
    We'd had edibles over my place, he took more than what I gave him for a whole night in one go. Which wasn't too much, but enough to kick in the high a couple of times.
    So, I'm stoned off my fucking MIND...need to take a shit, so I head in, and there I am on the toilet....door bursts open....he stands there about to hurl, looks around in panic while I sit there looking back at him...and rather than simply turn left to the open shower cubicle that was like RIGHT NEXT TO him, he puts his fingers up in front of his mouth, and vomits on my feet while I'm taking a shit.
    Had I not been so high I might've been horrified by this...I just laughed at him, got up, flushed, said "clean this shit up" and marched right into the shower.

    Another time, long story short, we were at an all you can eat buffet...same thing happened...told him to go to the bathroom, and he basically hurled up in his mouth but somehow made it to the bathroom.
    Then came back.
    Started to green out again.
    I'm on my way back with a plate of food, and there's Tim, letting out a fucking torrent of spew that looked like about 2 litres, somehow.
    He actually said "get me a serviette", I said "yeah that's not gonna work...", we all moved tables and he went into the bathroom.

    Some people, need to check their shit with the edibles.

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