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Edibles after smoking weed earlier

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by OG Drifty, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. I smoked weed earlier this morning, I'm not high anymore, but if I were to eat an edible tonight (25 mg of THC) will it just burn me out? I usually get high af from an edible that contains 25 mg THC. And I usually do edibles if I haven't gotten high earlier that day. I feel tired now but very calm and in a good mood.
  2. everyone's different. we have different tolerances and different herb. there's no way to answer for sure... but just go for it. you'll get some good sleep worst case scenario.
  3. 25mg gets you ripped? Good for you man. I dont bother unless its at least 250mg. I bet my turds have 25mg in em.
  4. I notice to really feal the edible, it is best not to smoke before hand. Otherwise I don't feel the edible at all.

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  5. I smoked 12 hours ago. I am no longer high.
  6. Wow I only take 5mg of thc and im high as f*** for 6 hours but I try to eat something greasy or have some peanut butter beforehand so it absorbs a bit better

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  7. Same here! Last time I took an edible with 750mg lol. Man I was floating inside my mind haha felt good tho

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  8. edibles are the s**t if done right but damn dude I tried 15mg the other day that was a mistake while i was at work and I thought I was gonna have to lay down for a minute still had a good time though 7 hours later it was sadly over lol

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  9. Haha I've done the same at work as well, sucks because I work as a bus person at a restaurant so when I had conversations with people some of them could tell that I was stoned. I also was panicking for a bit so I was in the employee restroom for a while lol. Was over 5 hours later I felt better but will never do that again. Fun fact tho I took edibles with some Turkish girl before at work, was a fun time.

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  10. So true can't hold a conversation when I'm that high but getting high with women is usually a pretty good time lol
  11. Yeah it was really random lol I met this girl and man she could drink tons and she handled the edible better than me. Will never forget that homie, sadly she was only here for the summer.

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  12. Edibles are fine..
    Eat your edible and chug a big glass of Oj. You'll get hit hard and fast, and will wear off quicker. Or eat your edible, wait 30 minutes then suck down a small high fat milk shake, and you will get a nice gradual high that will hit ya good and long. Being high before hand don't make much difference, they work differently. I make medibles all the time and family and friends rave...
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  13. 5mg thc.. I have never hear of anyone but you getting that kind of effects on so little. Do you buy a brownie and take like a pinhead size morsel off and eat it. Haha
  14. Why oj? Havent heard of oj helping before.
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  15. I say Oj because it is a really quickly absorbed sugar, but soda works too.
    High Carbohydrate helps use the edible quickly. I had a friend who didn't like their buzz, consumed a bit too much, so pump them with Oj and it helps metabolize things a bit quicker.
    Fat metabolizes slower. All my medibles are made with unrefined fats Coconut Oil which really give it an extra push and longevity. The science is pretty basic :)
  16. Hmmm. Time to go to the dispensery and test your theories.
  17. It works. Sugars make for a whimpy edible reactions, fats make for yummy edible reactions.
    Many sources to validate. but experience is good. BTW make your edibles, dispensary edibles in my opinion suck balls.

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