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Edibles after a full meal

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Stevesjobs, May 7, 2016.

  1. Alright so I just smashed a plate of Lazag. Feeling pretty greasy right now, I'm curious tho. I have some gummy candy 250mg and some glass candy 55mg. How long after a full dinner should I wait before consuming either of said snacks.

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  2. If you just want to "feel it" , you can eat it right after the meal, but I'd consider that a waste of a good edible.

    Edibles should be consumed on an empty stomach for the full Shabang. I either eat them as breakfast by themselves, meaning no other food, or at least 6 hours after my last meal.

    You don't have to starve yourself but the emptier your belly, the more of the edible you'll feel.
  3. y wait? mix it in with the lazag. I some times take a piece of cookie and put it in my almond milk when i eat dinner. As of current im using thc syrup and put it in anything and everything.
  4. To get the most out of it as far as what you feel, you would need to take it on an empty stomach. I've tried several different types of the edibles, mg., etc., and I've never really gotten a "buzz" from them. It's more a feeling of relaxation in my body but I've never gotten that feeling of being stoned like you do when you smoke. But that very well just could be me. LOL
  5. So it's been a bit but I ended up waiting until the next day to eat them. Woke up had a decent breakfast and consumed 2 80mg candies about an hour later. Didn't get a buzz what so ever off of them. Decided to eat the 50 mg candy on top of that and also didn't feel a buzz.. Quite concerning since i get all my edibles from a reputable dispensary.

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  6. It will still hit you but on an empty stomach it will hit harder
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    I would wait 24 hours. The reason is you just coated your stomach with meat, dairy, and pasta. If you feel anything it will probably take 3 hours and the effects will be weak.

    To get a massive release of THC into the bloodstream with edibles, it's better to do a mild fast, such as eating a very small amounts of light food during the day, excluding any dairy and meat. It should be the minimum amount you can eat while still maintaining energy.
    Eating multiple small snacks (not even meals) is the best way to maintain a high metabolism, which is what gives the fastest and potentially highest THC levels.

    You could fast all day, drinking water, coffee or tea to quell hunger pangs. Then take an edible for your evening meal at about 6 pm or so. By this time your stomach will take a little while to wake up. Once it does, the effects seem enhanced by lowered blood sugar and strength from the short fast.

    You can't expect much from throwing an edible on top of a heavy meal. Dairy and meat really slow down digestion, and should be avoided if you want the best possible edible experiences.

    If you're using weed for medicinal purposes, you would probably want to take edibles with a meal, to slow delivery into the system and provide more stable levels of THC.
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