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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Nima420, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. OK, so I have a bit over 2gs of this purple kush left I was gonna roll a couple fat joints and wanted to make a simple potent edible with like a bit over a g of it. Also, don't want it to smell much.

    If I grind that g and a bit with a couple spoons of butter and let it simmer in 2 boiling pots (small, big pot method) then after about an hour run that through a coffee filter and eat it (with or w/o something) will I get really high and not smell up the apartment? Just wanna make sure Im doing this right.

  2. Don't want to make those will the canabutter thing work?
  3. Don't know. But a firecracker will.


  4. good choice :hello:

    but yes your cannabutter would work that way if you tweak your method a bit. if you decarb first, then process your clarified (optional but recommended) butter for about 2-3 hours.

    and if you decarb your herb correctly and use a mason jar as your small pot, you will be virtually smell proof! :D
  5. Make SURE you decarb. Don't waste that much delicious dank otherwise. Honestly that's probably overkill by the way, that's a ton of weed for one edible. I'm with Roo, I vote firecracker, but if you're going to do it your way just seriously decarb.
  6. decarb your bud (20-30 mins in oven @ 220f), this make your house reek of bud (unless you do it in a sealed mason jar, but then you need to decarb for longer to compensate for the mason jar that also needs to reach the desired temp)

    then put your ground up bud in butter/oil and put it in the oven for 1h30 @ 220f. then smear on something and eat, enjoy your high ;) little more than a gram might be too much tough, aim for 0.5g-1g. Rule of thumb is to use about as much as you would smoke in one evening/sesh
  7. your pan that you decarb in is supposed to be covered and sealed! if your house is smelling, this means that your vapors are escaping and you are losing precious cannabinoids :eek:

    you must make sure that you cover your pan, or whatever it is your bud is in, with tin foil. seal the edges by tucking it under them and pinching it off. i sometimes use two sheets to be sure (when im too stoned and processing oils lol:smoke:) and that way none of your vapors can escape. The vapor is also a reason you must shut your oven off when the time is up, crack the door of the oven to let it cool, theen take your bud out when it has cooled back down enough to take out of the oven by bare hand. This is making sure the vapors to cool down and settle back in, and fewer will be lost :hello:

    you should also cover while you bake or cook with your oil also. if you are making brownies for instance, you should cover and seal them while they bake.

    there is always degradation though, whether it is processing, cooking, or even smoking.
  8. Is it going to smell like bud at all, if done correctly?

  9. well i use a tinfoil pouch to seal my herb, but if you decarb at 220f, no vapors should be escaping and it would still smell imo. The smell doesn't indicate thc is getting vaporized, its the terpentenes that release the smell.

    And i always cover my herb, but i don't really think the vapor 'settles back in' as i keep on reading. When you use a pyrex dish for example and a minimal amount of bud, the bud will only be a small part of the volume of the dish, and if vapors were to build up, it would be all over the volume of the dish. After cooling down, the vapors don't magically find their way back to the bud i think. (if that makes any sense to you)

    When i'm vaping and my vapor cools down, it just condenses 'where it is at' (on the nearest surface), i'm guessing that also happens when you decarb. We decarb at 220f cause we know this shouldn't cause any potency to vaporize.
  10. every time i make my oils, i cover the pan with foil throughout the whole process. even when i bake or cook with the oils i cover the foods. it does NOT smell the least bit like bud throughout the entire process, when covered. the tin foil pouch isnt the best way to make sure you have a seal either...

    now when i mentioned vapors, i wasnt referring to vapors as in what we inhale while vaporizing. yes i believe it is some of the terpenes* or other compounds in cannabis which produce the smell.

    but i have found that if i do not completely seal the tin foil around the edges of my pan and i smell the bud while decarbing, then my oils turn out much less potent. ever since i added this step to my process, rather than half-assing the decarb and putting it in an uncovered pan or tin foil pouch, i have been able to use less herb per dose and achieve the same effects! :hello:

    after experimenting with different batches, i have found that decarbing as a whole can double your potency, while covering and sealing your bud in something while processing can give about 1/4 more potency.

    put it this way..

    when i first started making oils and butter with no decarb i was dosing close to a gram to feel good effects. then when i started the half ass decarb i was down around .5 or .6 G's. now that i have been experimenting with different oils, other compounds to add, and have found a process which works for me; i can dose around .35 and have lift offfffff :hippie:

    practice makes perfect when it comes to this. trial and error is going to be the best learning tool here. of course, with some questions here and there for fellow blades to try and help you out :smoke:
  11. Thanks for all the advice. Made it before I read them. I double boiled for two hours then filtered and ate the hot cannabutter. Upped my high a bit maybe but smoking would have been better. Maybe because I didn't decarb it? Not sure.

  12. yep. that will just about double your potency right there
  13. I'll vouch for jkcole's method with the foil covering the decarbing container. no smell is produced, especially if you use a mason jar with a two-piece lid and screw on the second part of the lid over the foil, sealing it around the top the the container and around the grooves the lid screws onto.

    if using this method, be sure to indent the foil into the container a little before sticking it into the hot oven, as the heat will cause the air in the jar to expand. since it cannot exit the container it will push up on the foil, possibly bursting it if you spread it out flat over the jar with no way to make room for expanded air

  14. well what kind of vapors are we talking about then :p it's only when something vaporizes (by reaching a high enough temp) that we can lose potency, so i don't really see what kind of vapors you mean then? We are decarbing at temps below the possible vaporization point of thc. I still use a seald container (tinfoil pouch) because i don't always trust the oven that i'm using (when i make it at a friends place etc.)

    And why wouldn't a tinfoil pouch be good? It delivers a good seal when you fold over all the edges (my watervapor from some half-wet bud couldn't even escape before i opened the pouch) and it provides a less big area for the vapors to 'float around' in, so they can settle back in easier (if they settle back at all that is, compare it to a bath: a hot bath will produce water vapor wich spread out all over your bathroom, lowering the temp of your bathroom/water will not redirect all the water that turned into vapor back to your bath, only a small part. Same with herb in a sealed container and the possible vapors in there. Or am i missing something here?)

    it's verry plausible that i'm not getting a certain concept here (never been good at chemistry and stuff), but as long as you remain below the vaping temps of all your active ingrediënts, i don't see how sealing the container can help 1/4 ( i agree you can eliminate most smell this way)
  15. Well if your smelling it while its in the tin foil, then it must not be sealed right? This is why i do not like that method

    And water boils and starts steaming at 220 degrees right? so does the plant matter which has water in it then, when it hits 220

    Also just because we are not hitting temps of flashpoints for the cannabinoids, does not mean that no vapor is being produced. While thcv is the lowest at 280, some of those cannabinoids are still being turned to vapor at 220 degrees. Flashpoint is where the most vapor will be produced for a specific compound. This doesnt mean we need it this hot to produce vapors though. It just means it is the most efficient ;)
  16. actually i have more faith in a tinfoil pouch since the edges can be folded over making a tighter seal than just putting it over the edges of lets say a pyrex dish, hot air cant push this up. One of the reason i might smell it more than you is because i always open it up halfway to see if the oven that i'm using doesn't have hot spots so my herb isnt torched when i get it out :p

    according to this list:
    specific boiling point and role of cannabinoids | Stoner Forums
    we stay far below the boiling points, i know the flashpoint is lower and some will still be evaporating, but in very, very small amounts i guess. So you might have a point :p I never really noticed a difference when covering the container i used to bake with, but i'll give it a shot next time.

    But since i still don't really believe/understand that the stuff that evaporated finds its way back to the herb (it just condenses on the nearest surface), i don't know how effective this is.

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