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Edible vs. Smoking

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Painkilla240, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. I have smoked and used a vaporizer and I was wondering what the difference in eating bud using cannabutter to make brownies/cookies vs. smoking it. Like the high wise because I see it take quiet awhile to make the butter and then the brownies whereas I can easily pack a bowl or joint so I was wondering whats the difference.
  2. it lasts longer, tends to be heavier in the body and maybe a bit more 'trippy' feeling.
    it takes a while for the high to come on, but its worth it.
  3. How do you know you do not put too much butter in the brownies is there anything bad with too much THC in brownies?
  4. Just make firecrackers man, you can find the tutorial in a sticky. And yeah I reeeeally like the high of edibles, especially firecrackers, BUT smoking blunts is sacred to me and my friends so we smoke more than eat.
  5. what do you like about firecrackers that are missing in brownies? curious, that's all

  6. There easier to make.
  7. I herd Firecrackers taste really bad do the brownies taste bad I am being honest here and saying I never ate mj but I have smoked and vaporized it. So now whats the difference between the firecracker and brownies and goal is to get really f@cked up :smoking:
  8. Easier to make, less ingredients, don't need an oven, can make with just .5g lying around.
  9. I do edibles all the time and always have a box of cookies or brownies in the freezer. Yeah, to make them properly you need to extract the THC into butter (the whole process can take as long as several hours - most of which is just the weed/water/butter simmering on the stove) and then use the canna-butter instead of regular butter. But the advantage is once the butter is made you can put it in anything - buttered toast, pasta, desserts etc.......and it's only just noticeable in smell and taste. Plus it freezes well so it's always to hand.

    The other main advantage is that you don't necessarily need buds to make it. I use stems, leaves and trim from my own grows and it makes butter strong enough to knock you off your feet.

    How do you know you're not overdoing it? The high takes 1/2 to 1 hour to kick in so take it easy, don't get impatient, you can always take a bit more until you figure out how much you need to get baked.

    I always find the high to be a warm, buzzing body high, very relaxing. Great for chilling out with music or movies.

    Hope this helps mate. :)
  10. Thanks a lot guys. Today I smoke a Blunt with about 1.2 grams (how much you guys puttin in your blunts?) Anyways is a chance of a too great of a high
  11. Ok, I was about to type this elaborate post and forgot it all. Damn it, weed! Just thought you might want to know. LOL.
  12. I am interested in this, too. I have only eaten cannabis once. It was in a PB cookie. I remember it being really cool, but I was on so much other shit at the time. Now, my tolerance is way low. I have this impression that eating it is wasting it, i.e. it takes more to get off, but this is unfounded. What do you experienced eaters say?

    I love the idea of cooking with cannibis, though.

  13. i wouldn't call it a waste, it's just different

    when you're talking about having a solid 6-8 hours high off of an edible or 2 vs. 1-2 hours high off of a few bowls, it's just a matter of viewpoint
  14. a blunt with 1.2 in it would succckkkk i prefer more like 2.5 :)
  15. The high is very different. The two really can't be directly compared especially since cannabis effects everyone differently. Try it and see how you like it.
  16. I think eating marijuana gives you a little bit longer high. & A little more of a body high too. But smoking is fine. It's quicker & still gets you high. :) Whatever gets you high.

    1. toast a bagel
    2. put butter on the bagels
    3. sprinkle a gram or two of weed on each bagel
    4. put cream cheese on top of the weed (enough to hide the taste of the weed)
    5. eat
    I got SO high after doing this, & it was just a random idea haha :)

    have fun with your ganja everyone!
  17. whoever says eating MJ is a waste is craaaaaaazy.
  18. You wasted about 80-90% of the THC by not heating it first. Most of what you ate was non-active. You'd have been far more wasted on half the weed had it been cooked properly.

  19. It's not that it was "non-active," the body just isn't able to process the type of fiber that cannabis is.

    But I agree, the bagel idea is terrible, because it doesn't make the cannabinoids bio-available.
  20. If you really wanted to do the bangle idea cant you just put the weed in the oven heat it up and then sprinkle on the bangle?

    Also some people do not heat their firecrackers up but just leaving it for a couple of day? wats up with that>...? (they claim to still get high)

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