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Edible vs smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shawn28, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Smoking weed gives me a different high than edibles.

    When I Smoke i feel more of a mind high where i see and hear things different, when i listen to music it feels like im in a big concert hall and hear the music from all directions like im almost living the song. When i try to talk it seems like i cant controll my volume, even tho im whispering it feels like im talking really loud.

    While edibles give me more of a body high, i feel like my whole body is stiff and vibrating making it so hard to hold my head straight or move my arms or legs.

    Ayone else have these different kind of highs?
  2. Most, if not all, people have this experience due to the two different ways in which the THC is ingested.
  3. I like the smoking high more but the edible high lasts way much longer
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  4. Yeah, my problem is I want to get high NOW. Not in 90 minutes. So I prefer smoking over edibles.
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  5. Haha yeah edibles take time, i get excited waiting till it kicks in
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  6. I like em both, but edibles feels more like an "experience" to me... like a really mild and easy to manage trip, and smoking is similar in the same way a cigarette is. Nice head buzz for a bit but nothing crazy unless I smoke a decent bit.

    Edibles for me is 3 hours of being obnoxiously stoned, and another 1-2 of still being too high to justify smoking more.
  7. Smoking high gives me usually (depending on the strain) a head high which makes me want to go out and get shit done for the day and music just sounds awesome hahah.

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