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Edible vs. Smoking highs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bdingalu, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Could someone explain to me the difference between an edibles high and a smoking high or is it one of those things that is different for everyone?
  2. i would like to hear the answer as well. i dont want to go wasting my weed to make firecrackers that might not even get me high. rather smoke a j
  3. edibles give your more of a "body" high, like your mind and body is separated.

    Smoking it usually gives you more of a mind high.
  4. you will definatly get higher with edibles than a takes a while i think like 30-45 mins for it to hit you but when you do its good and long
    i think the only thing that can get you as high as an edible is a vape
  5. edibles have a huge advantage for getting high in public, there's one reason ill probably make some soon. thanks dconn
  6. Edibles are the best shit ever. If you make good ones (had some cannabis pancakes once) you get mega blasted and the high can last 10 hours.
  7. Wow edibles sound like they kick ass. Can't wait to try these firecrackers tomorrow, been waiting four days for my friends to get back to try them with them.
  8. it depends on your preference really edibles dont get you higher they just give you a different high than smoking personally i like smoking cuz i just like the head high what you should do is eat sum weed brownies then smoke a gravity bong
  9. Edibles are the ultimate couch lock
  10. That's the difference I notice. Edibles make you feel amazing, where as smoking makes my thoughts go nuts.
  11. Ya u can stay high 4 like 6 hours after eating like one cookie made with canna budder from mids.

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