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Edible puppy chow :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SortaStoner, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. I feel like all this puppy chow will get me stoned, a quarter of dank in there :) for another day tomorrow

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  2. it looks like frosted mini wheats.

  3. It's chex mix with peanut butter and powdered sugar but I infused the weed with the peanut butter

  4. nah man those are frosted mini wheats
  5. Whenever I've had puppy chow, it's always been chocolate instead of peanut butter..
  6. the very bluntness of this message made me chuckle
  7. At first i thought you made weed dog food, which you make you the best pet owner in the world. That still looks really cool though.

  8. Chocolate and peanut butter, I don't usually use peanut butter but it was easier to put it in with the weed. Better taste to
  9. I don't know what puppy chow is, and I think you already smoked that quarter of dank.
    Because that's a bag of frosted mini wheats.
  10. OP you can't fool us those are frosted mini wheats

  11. Lol, if you read the whole thread, he says what it is. It is chex mix covered in chocolate and peanut butter (infused with weed) that are covered in powdered sugar. :smoke:
  12. I'm taking everything to literal tonight hahaha. I thought he seriously meant dog food and I was about to be like, "dude, you can't talk about that shit here man"
  13. That would be bad news for me. Puppy chow is so fucking good I'd forget that it was an edible I'd and probably eat the whole bag in one sitting.
  14. Lol I'm not gonna lie it does looks like frosted mini wheats, I kinda suck at making this shit
  15. There's a uniform size of the items in the bag, and each one has one white size and one grain-y side

    how is it not frosted mini wheats? :confused_2:
  16. If thats not frosted mini wheats, what is the white stuff?
  17. I don't think i ever spent so long looking at a picture of cereal, but after some deliberation, i too have come to the conclusion that it looks like frosted mini wheats.

    Though the white residue on the inside of the bag is too fine to be the frost on mini wheats, it looks like powdered sugar. post another picture OP.
  18. Looks alright, not a huge fan of mini wheats though
  19. Its call puppy chow, muddy buddies or chow. Those arent mini wheats. Chex mix actually sells these already made sans weed.
  20. I would post another pic for ya man....but I got hungry about an hour ago:p:cool:

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