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Edible not kicking in after 5 hours?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by leafi, Mar 4, 2023.

  1. so my friend's dad gave me a small edible gummy, he told me he had a quarter of it and was "tripping balls for hours". I had a quarter around 12am, felt very slightly fuzzy, but not 'high' at all, so I had another quarter around 3-3:30am. it's now 5am and I feel nothing. is it going to hit me randomly in an hour or is it not gonna hit at all?
  2. Usually it only takes maybe an hour and half-2 hours max for anything to kick in. It just depends on your metabolism. For me, it takes an hour. It sounds like your tolerance is higher than your dad's friend. Or the gummy wasn't mixed in very good. I had a candy bar and I ate one square, about 10mg of THC. But after two hours, I felt nothing. So the next night, I tried another square, 10mg. Hour later, I was drooling on myself. So, sometimes someone, somewhere, someone is not watching what they are doing mixing the stuff. That's why they say "go low and slow." Just incase some of the THC is concentrated in one area of the gummy, candy, etc.
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  3. I wouldn't expect anything more at this point. I agree with @OrionM42 and think the gummies were probably mixed poorly.
  4. Tolerance can be an issue
    5mg may floor some people while others feel nothing
    Homemade or commercial?
    Is your tolerance high?
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  5. It sounds like you're saying your friend's dad had one edible, took a quarter of it, and gave you the rest which means you now have a quarter of a gummy left. If it was a 10mg gummy and if he has a tendency to exaggerate he may actually have taken closer to a half instead of a quarter which means he took 5mg, enough to make a novice feel high, but you were only taking about 2mg at a time. That would explain why you felt very little. When you get old enough to buy your own gummies you'll have more control over your dosage. Assumptions made.

    I do like the caution you used when given an edible of unknown potency and especially after someone told you it was potent. Next time if the edible isn't working to your satisfaction after a couple of hours, go ahead and smoke a bowl. Taking more means possibly waiting for up to 4 hours total for a high that may not even be coming, like what happened last night. And FYI, edibles work best when taken on an empty stomach which is great because after they kick in you'll enjoy your dinner more because both hunger and weed make food taste better.
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  6. We all make different levels of the enzyme that changes Delta-9-THC into the more potent 11-Hydroxy-THC How much of a ride you get depends on how efficient your liver is at breaking down the THC. To efficient and you suffer first pass effects and your body flushes it before you feel it. These people get better results from a small fatty snack an hour before the edible.
    Lecithin can dial up the effectiveness of homemade edibles and get you more bang from less used.

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