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Edible High - Psychedelic ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johnywilks, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Is it true that high dose edible highs , can be similar to low dose psilocybin mushroom (Magic Mushroom) trips ?

    I ask this because iv'e read they have that effect and have also heard they only have a body high, with no head high at all.
  2. Yeah I made some one time with some outdoor nugs that smoked great but tasted bleh.

    Turned them into brownies and gave two to a friend but warned him to watch how much he ate.

    He ate an entire one and called me freaking out thinking I put shrooms in them.

    Another instance I made pancakes with bubba kush and the kid I ate them with got so high he couldn't go to class. I just put on a movie for him and he drank water and slept it off.

    Yes, yes it can happen. It has happened to very very experienced tokers.
  3. I've never consumed psilocybin mushrooms , but in what way can it be similar ?

    Mild Hallucinations ?
  4. I had one instance when I was writing a paper and font started to get highlighted that I was reading and coming off of the screen. The room was spinning slightly and I was having fleeting thoughts. I was under a lot of stress at the time and I feel that the brownie just exacerbated my underlying feelings. Every other time I have tried them out I was just mellow high, body heavy.
  5. I once took some edible brownies to Maui for a week, forgot about them, then found them 6 months later totally alright cuz it was in an airseal container. Ate them and I don't know if it was the anaerobic bacteria or old-ass weed in it but that shit made me trip out... then pass out. lol. I wouldn't suggest it. If you wanna do psychedelics, find the stuff that was meant for it. Nothing beats shrooms.
  6. care to share a recipe man? i tried makin firecrackers a few times but they were a fail every time. Don't know what I'm doin wrong. 320degree oven for 22 minutes wrapped in foil with peanut butter and cooking oil (better absorption, more fattys) would much appreciate it. I also had a buddy tell me it was like shrooms tho too
  7. Anyone who compares marijuana to mushrooms has not taken mushroom(at least not a decent dose)
  8. Yes , I've only heard that it is similar to a low dose of mushrooms.
  9. ive never eaten good brownies or anything edible thats gotten me really high before. However I have taken mushrooms and I can assure you that the trip is out of this world. If edible highs were similar to mushrooms, why the fuck does anyone smoke?

  10. We used I think... 22 grams in a batch so 2 grams per brownie...

    Used standard cannabutter recipe on the web.

    I was fucked up.
  11. Ya one time we went camping and made some butter with 5 grams of good mids and soaked bread in it and we were tripping balls, we were already stoned from smokin all day and it was gettin dark and after we ate it my friend wanted to get some cigarettes and the nearest gas station was half an hour away but I was like ight lets go. So right after we leave the gas station it started to hit us hard. I remember we were driving through theses windy mountain roads and it was dark and I don't think we saw another car the whole time, and my friend was in the back and when I looked back he had the seat all the way back and was holding on to the seatbelt with both hands and he was rolling around groaning like he was having a nightmare. Anyway it took an hour to get back cuz I was driving real slow and we got back in the tent smoked another bowl and then passed out.
  12. If you compare any kinda of mj high to mushrooms...go eat a little over and 8th and come back. Haha
  13. Tell that to this guy

  14. i think it only becomes psychadelic when you get the dosage wrong!
    but when you get it wrong, oh boy is it intense!
    i spent one fruitful night, lying on my bed in the dark, convinced i was watching a new simpsons episode with my eyes closed, but it was just my brain going mad.
    great stuff. i recommend it whole heartedly to everyone. after a sleep, you feel fine like normal!
  15. Megyci - How much did you consume and in what form ? (Brownies,Firecrackers ?)
  16. This is why this sort of talk is banned, People have no clue what there on about.
  17. I've never had shrooms, but I'm pretty sure you get different highs from either of them.
  18. I'm not entirely sure, ive eaten them both..
    However, I've never eaten less than an 8th of fungus so I always trip hard..
    but I'n a very small way, A decent amount of MJ edibles could be like a very very mild mushroom trip..
  19. because sometimes you cant trip out of this world everytime you smoke ;)
  20. honestly that's not an edible high for me. i've eaten about an 8th to myself before, me and my friend just got retarded baked, couldn't open our eyes, and didn't leave the couch for four hours. mushrooms are way more intense, even off just a couple grams. everything affects everybody differently though.

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