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Edible High Coming Back?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by LAMedicate, May 20, 2013.

  1. I ate an edible a little over 6 hours ago, and then ate a big meal. The edible hit me and I was pretty high for a few hours and watched a movie as I started to come down. Now though I feel like the high has come back even stronger! So sick I feel like maybe my digestion was slowed by the meal I ate and it hit me in levels.
  2. That's quite interesting. I've had time's where my high seemed to come back after physical activity/going outside. I had been sitting in my room for quite some time, and it seemed to have mostly faded, but then I ran over to my friends dorm on the other side of campus and when I got their I was really high again.
    I'd really like to hear someone more knowledgeable weigh in on this. 
  3. Nah, it s not that it comes back.. It goes on the whole time. They can lst anywhre from 8-12 hours and some people get high for even longer.
    The only thing is when you do something like watch a movie you might be so focused an intune so you probably did not notice that the high was just creeping up on you 
  4. That's happened to me. I was coming down after about 5 hours and then about an hour later it felt like I just took a massive hit all over again.  I think that it was because I ate a whole pizza shortly after feeling the cookie and my body was metabolizing the cookie slower because of the huge intake of food. When the THC accumulated is when I felt the second wave.  Just my opinion.
  5. Ya I ended up being high for the whole day. Gotta love hubby bars

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