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edible hash oil

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by mo4gra, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. I extracted thc by putting weed in alcohol for couple of weeks
    After I evaporated the alcohol I got black ointment I guess it is hash oil...

    what I want to do it to mix it with something to make it edible for medical use

    Can I mix it with olive oil and let it mix for sometime?
    I thought of mixing it with chocolate and butter but I red it must be cook for at least 5 hours and must be mixed all time...

    I would love to know if there a way to fuse it with some edible oil or some other easy way to make it edible
  2. 5 Hrs. does not sound sane based on your input.

    Decarboxylate first
    Ref: http://forum.grasscity.com/harvesti...uality-hash-oil-crystals-70-99%-pure-thc.html

    Then melt the chocolate mix in the medicine and allow to cool. You may need to think about what adding the oil will do to the consistency of the chocolate. You might want to read a good candy making book. My wife has more experience at candy making with chocolate than I do and says the more oil you add the more it will change the texture of your product. You might need to get some candy molds pour a thin chocolate shell into the mold. Add your hash oil chocolate to the center then cap the bottom of the candy with a little more unaltered chocolate. "Chocolate Hash Truffles"
  3. and you didn't make hash, all you did was dissolve plant matter into alcohol, rather than extracting cannabinoids. instead of concentrating, you ended up losing potency.
  4. ^^^^

    This guy is TOTALLY wrong lmao.

    yes the dude made hash oil. yes you can cook with it. But it will be difficult. My suggestion if you want to eat it, is to take about a dallab the size of a tic-tac, put it on top of a spoon that is filled with olive oil. Mix the two with a tooth-pic and eat that. Thats how i have eaten hash oil for a long time and it gets you stonnnned. Olive oil is good for you as well so win-win.
  5. Hmm, i dont think i agree on this im not sure.

    Sure, more time in alcohol means more clorophyl, but why would time somehow make the thc(cannabinoids bind with lipids/alcohols/natural solvents) dissapear?

    yo man (op) : my advise, dont make an edible, just smoke the hash...
  6. OP, how did you make your "hash"? From your post I'm assuming you dropped nug into alcohol and let it sit. If you didn't filter, your product still has most of the plant matter you put in originally.

  7. hmm if he did this though i dont think he would have teh black hash . i think he would have a bunch of chunks of crap right? i guess i assumed he filtered it lol.
  8. Incorporate your hash or hash oil, into an edible oil source that is solid at room temp, such as coconut oil, or even better for chocolate preparation: cocoa butter.

    Photo Tutorial: Highly Activated Bioavailable Hash & Canna Oils, Edibles, Drinkables, and more...

    You'll know your oil is complete when it reaches a glossy dark brown, almost black color.


    Dry sift hash (any kind of hash or herb can be used.. but ideally, hash and concentrates are recommended);

    Cocoa Butter:


    (After several hours of gentle heat-processing.. 'liquid' or sticky-tacky concentrates require slightly less time to promote bioavailability)

    (It can be used to make chocolate bars, cookies, candies etc.)



    (Either a cashew or pecan 'Hashy Bar' bar on the left, and an original)


    Have fun, and good luck :)

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