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  1. So i have experience with smoking of course but its been quite awhile, reason why is bc nearly 2 years ago my right lungs had collapsed doe i wasnt smoking at that time, the doctor said its less then 5% of it ever happening again but the question is, since i have experienced cannabis, havent used it in awhile, what will 1 5mg cubed gummy do to me? Its just that im not really into edibles because of what i read and hear
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    A 15mg edible will get you lit dude most people start with 5-10mg & eat more if needed after 1-2 hours
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  3. Good advice from Brews. Start low and go slow. No one knows where their threshold lies until they hit it. It’s going to require cautious experimentation on your part.

    We have a thread going on another forum where we’re comparing results from ingesting finely ground decarbed flower (dubbed “dust”). I’ve been a daily edible user for almost 5 years and find a size 0 or 00 capsule full is all I can handle while some members are eating as much as a heaping tablespoon full as a single dose. Anatomical diversity can be mysterious!!

    Good luck
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  4. Edibles are good for pain, a relaxing body high with the strain I grow.
    I cut the weed usage in half by buying the Levo II from amazon.
    That thing is great, pack in about 10g of course ground weed in the little holder.
    Set it to run, it decarbs, mixes your oil with your weed or butter, cooking oil is better I think.
    About 3 hours later, walk over with the measuring cup, press the button and it fills with perfect oil.
    It will pay for it's self in 2 months if you are a heavy user, cut weed usage way down.

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