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Edible candy care gummie worms 400mg

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by h2xhardcore, Mar 3, 2015.

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    Hey I just bought a pack of gummy worms from a dispensary in Cali. My question is 400mg a strong dose? Also my second question relates to its individual serving size (on the back of the box it says contains up to 35 mg per candy.

    How much should I consume at once? I have a medium size tolerance and bought them because I wanted something stronger then my normal smoke from bud today.

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  2. It says something on the package like "the appropriate dose is ____" but I can't read it, your photo is too blurry.
    In my opinion you should start with 1 candy, maybe 2 if you have a high tolerance.
  3. Eat one worm? Or eat whole box lol
    I had 3 don't feel much took 3 worms separate been two hout

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  4. Please help

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  5. I make 60mg bho pills in which is a good fsde for a average to not so often smoker. 100 mg (0.1 of a gram) should hit you pretty good
  6. So 500mg is only .5 bud,?

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  7. I ate all
    Half half then other half
    Nothing doecia

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  8. Did you have any other food around the time period you had the gummies?

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  9. Still not feeling anything?  I hate when that happens with edibles that I pay for!! lol
  10. Maybe whoever made um didnt make this batch correctly?
  11. With 400mg of decent edibles, you should have been more than plenty fucked up. For a novice or average user 50 - 100mg should have some effect.
  12. That's the problem with edibles, there are no real standards. It should mean 500mg = .5g of thc not just .5g of bud. The ones I buy are made with oil, and 500mg would mean .5 of hash oil.
  13. Very easy to make a non effective batch by skipping a couple essencial steps
  14. Wonder if he got faded or not lmao

  15. 35mg is a lot, eat two at most

    FL Genetics coming soon!
  16. I got new one
    10 mg or whatever a servinh
    Did 5-6 servings
    Woke up sick
    Cuz I had half a 40 after I smoked to
  17. Why do I wake up throwing up after edible
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    Because it is too much, at most 100mg and you'll be incredibly fucked up. They put 150mg I think in space cake, which there is a reason 150mg in a cake makes it space cake. I would stick to 100 and under, I would go 50mg-75, 100 when I am really ready to get down on some music and video games. At 100mg you should feel almost too stoned and be all set, it might even be too much for some people. It is definitely too much for anyone without a high tolerance. And for anyone more novice than everyday it is 50 or less, and even that is too much. I would go 25 and see where it goes.
  19. Maybe (just brainstorming)

    1. You ate too much THC
    2. You are sensitive to one or more of the ingredients in your gummi worms (corn syrup, artificial flavor, artificial color, etc.)
    3. Too much candy makes tummy hurt

    You could try making your own edibles using safe, organic, hypo-allergenic ingredients and following some of the excellent recipes in this forum. For upset tum-tum I like a scoop of canna-butter melted over a bowl of white rice. :)
  20. Thanks buddy . I like to buy them at shop. Every once in while me and friend make them but it's nice having a Med card.

    Anyways maybe to much thc

    I also maybe some times swallow smoke like inhale wrong. And smoke then go to bed after I eat.

    I think I could try one serving of the gummy bear today?
    Thanks for reading and help
    I explained more in thread under incredible edible herb section I did a very detailed post

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