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  1. Just wanna spawn a new thread in this section to continue my absolute beginner's bagseed grow.

    Okay, so currently I have a 4 week old seedling in vegetative state in organic/perlite mix (6" pot) under a 27 Watt 6500 K Phillips CFL, within a few inches of it. There are 2 new germs who popped this week, (and rather quickly compared to the other seeds) so I have high hopes in this new sign of life. They are now in the org./perl. mix in 3" cups with 3 drainage holes cut in the bottoms.

    Question: Should these newly planted germs be placed under the 6500K right away, or is there some kind of condition that is really important right now that I might not be aware of???

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys!
  2. haha that bug looks so funny in ur previous post :hello:

    Good luck man! Cant wait to see some nice shots of buds and milky bong hits, no?
  3. Thanks Turdo, no milky shots 4 now but, here is my healthy lady at day 30 of 12/12 (with the lights off) bowchickawowow.


    p.s. - not sure what you mean by the bug comment.

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  4. Yes put the cfl's on them right away after they poke through the soil.
  5. Cool, so I've got 2 seedlings and the one month old vegging under the 6500k [27W] CFL. They are in a different room than the flower closet now.:smoke:

    Maybe someday, when $ is not an issue I will invest in some T5 setup.

    Thanks for all the help once again!:smoke:

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  6. Here are some better current pics of the lady:

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  7. I got some new Computer Fans from RadioShack:

    60Hz 22W
    Impedance Protected
    Class B Insulated
    Cooling Fan
    Cat. No. 273-241C

    They are about 4" x 4" in size, they have two wires protruding, both are black.

    What is the best way to hook these up?

    Edit: Nevermind, these hook directly into the AC (with some sort of extension cord), I just used standard NA ones, no problem.

  8. How long did you veg that plant for Edge?
  9. Or is that the one that you let veg for 1 month?
  10. No, that one vegged for 2 months.
  11. Uh, dude, it's time to get some real genetics, not some unknown bag seed. I have plants that veg for 2 weeks that end up bigger than that. If I vegged a plant for 2 months it would be over 3-4 feet tall.
  12. Looks fine. Yes T5 will grow them faster and even faster than that would be an MH or HPS. But for what he has it is fine. Maybe if you don't have plans or end's for more lights you might flower soon. Any more and I would think the plant would be inadequately lit.
  13. Cool, so thanks very much for all of the replies guys.

    I found out today that the seeds I have are as follows:

    Afghani X Mighty Mite X Northern Lights

    This has been confirmed by the original grower as a fact.

    Also, my source is going to give me even better seeds, provided that I give back half of the flowers that result.

    So, I conclude the reason that my plants grew so small and slowly is because of :

    A. Less than 100 W of Compact Fluorescent Lighting
    B. Possible moments of overfertilizing and/or overwatering
    C. Small Pots: I've only used 6" pots at the most.

    p.s. - I found it interesting to note that 2 of the above mentioned genetics were themselves seeds which were "crushed" and then used to pollinate the third flowering phenotype.
  14. I like the picture you posted on 9-13...if there wasn't any fan leaves it would like like a bunch of small cacti lol.

  15. Haha, yeah, that's cuz I trimmed too many leaves lol. I ended up having to relocate my family so those were harvested and smoked...pretty potent, but the real update is that my friend gave me "Shiva" seeds and hopefully they germ. because that weed is possibly the best I ever smoked.

    I'll keep ya posted!:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  16. i got a dodge neon srt-4 woot

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