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  1. Hi,
    What's the best cycle to keep your plants in veg but just barely?

    Since I am trying to go perpetual, it would make sense to have the clones start flowering quicker. I am plugging in new clones all the time to try and flower 8 to 16 new clones every two weeks to get a cycle going. Deposit/withdrawal system if you will.

    Does this make any sense?


  2. if you want to keep it in veg, healthy, but without much growth, just use like 2 26w 6500k cfls.

    theyll provide enough light to keep a plant or two alive, but wont stimulate much new growth. keep the lights real close so they dont stretch. 24/0 would probably be best, maybe 20/4 or something. 4/20 if you want to call it that.
  3. 18/6 is plenty sufficient. for lighting time, no need to go 24/0 or even 20/4

    I'm not quite understanding your question though. You want to be able to get your clones going as fast as you can? or what?

    also, there is no" keeping it in veg just a little bit" it's either in veg.. or in budding.
  4. Amoril-thanks for that comment...i really need to be able to generate clones too, so would'nt it be more of a time issue vs lumens?

    I mean if I need 18/6 to generate clones but can do it at 16/8 and be closer to the flowering stage would that not make sense? kind of on the edge?

    slow growth is not the goal so maybe somebody has already tested this? right now i am running 24/7

    thanks again

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    xpirate77-thanks for replying. is it not 'harder" to bring clones into flowering if they are on 24/7 vs say 16/8 or 18/6?

    maybe that will help clarify.

  6. ive never found that a plant can be on the 'brink' or either phase....

    either its in veg, or flower. either growing/blooming quickly or at a stunted pace. there isnt a middle ground that I know of.

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