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Ed Rosenthal Update

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. for those of you who dont know who he is he is proally the most famous medical marijuana advicate earlier in the yr the feds busted him cause he grew for one of the clinics out here in oakland. His sentancing is TOMMOROW 06/04/03, so we will see what happens. He could serve up to 5yrs but alot of people are saying he wont serve anytime in prison.....heres a good article about the jurors that found him guilty, the judge banned the defense from being able to tell the jury that he grew for a medical clinic under california state law and that the city of oakland (where he grew from) actually deputized him and said he could grow... Now all the jurors are pissed and are appearing on tv and shit saying if they knew he was growing for the clinics they wouldnt have found him guilty...heres the article about what the jurors who convicted him had to say about his trial:
  2. well u guys have appeals over there right???

    this is new evidence because the jury didnt know... get that dude back on the stand! set him free! this could turn out to be quite good for legalisation... this is quite high profile.

    "We want the government to know that we, as concerned citizens, are watching them. None of us has any history of activism of any kind, really we're just average middle-class people. But going through this experience is turning us into activists," adds Sackett,....
    WOOHOO! fucking right on man! bring it on US-gov. the word is spreading to the corners of society we have desperately been trying to reach for so long... now that its out, short of mind control, it should be unstopable!!! go on then... Tighten your fist! hahaha! its reached the stage that the tighter you squeeze the more people slip through your fingers.

    keep up the good work everyone.
    Canada already has it (to an extent) i hope some day America can experience even the same amount of freedom as we do here in Scotland... or better yet... THE NETHERLANDS!!! how many years away from that senario do you think we are though?
  3. he allready appealed it was overulled. The court has a right to withold information like that, cause this wasnt a state trial it was a FEDERAL trial ed was being on trial for breaking federal laws not state laws so the state laws really had no need to be told to the courts cause we allready know he was legally growing under california law but federal law oversee's state law, he wasnt being charged with breaking state laws he was being charged with breaking federal laws..... no one can deny that ed broke the law cause he did he broke federal law plain and simple, it really just comes down to something needs to be changed where if a state has a law the government cant proscute people for breaking federal law if its not illegal in that state...... just like ed said, once this case is over there will be new laws written, this case is proally the BIGGEST case for the marijuana movement ever, we are watching history in the making.
  4. ED GOT HIS SENTANCING TO DAY, HE IS BEING SENTANCED TO 1 DAY IN PRISON..HAHA... this is a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE step for the medical marijuana movement, i mean huge. Cause ed was growing hundreds and hundreds of plants for the medical clinics out here and the feds tried their hardest to get him in jail and now he is only gonna serve ONE DAY.....ITS TIME TO CLEBRATE EVERYONE
  5. only one day, thats great, it really is. its all very slowly getting better.
  6. yes one day for hundreds of plants is very good. Hopefully now the feds will stop aressting growers for the medical clinics out here cause now they no what the outcome will be. Which is great cause ALOT of legitmally sick people out here suffered cause of ed getting arrested.

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