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Discussion in 'General' started by Tenninethousand, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Does anyone here wear any Ed Hardy designed clothes? I'm sure people here have heard of it..just wondering, because thats all my brother wears now..it's okay I guess, a little odd but it's growing on me.
  2. i have a sweatshirt of theres
    most of the stuff is pretty nice
  3. Kinda seems like the stuff that people who drive monster trucks would wear...and Hulk Hogan.
  4. This guy approves of Ed Hardy

  5. HA trends are such a crack up to watch.

  6. Lmao look at the look on that broads face it totally says "He's going to beat me tonight". Lmfao
  7. All I know is I saw Joel McHale (from Talk Soup) doing some standup recently and he ripped the shit out of Ed Hardy, he totally embarrassed the shit out of this one woman sitting up front who had sleeves of tattoos too. I hadn't really heard of Ed Hardy before that. I've seen some stuff but it doesn't really impress me, looks kinda tacky.
  8. Yeah. some of their stuff is psychedelic looking..decent.
  9. I'm on my third pair of lowrise sneakers. And I have this killer sweater as well.
  10. in atl -- ed hardy is too played out.
  11. hahah all the "thugs'' around here wear it. ?? my sister rocked it years ago before it was the cool thing to do. Not my style though
  12. Its ok clothing...way overpricd..if u ask me. Not downing or hating on it, just isn't my cup of tea...I'd rather use my money more wisely...

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