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  1. Hi, i´m from Ecuador you know that country below Colombia.
    Here smoking, growing and buying weed is very diferent from U. K or U.S.A. For example we don´t have hemp shops
    or any kind of store were you can buy bongs or glass pipes.
    when you buy weed here you don´t buy the weed by their names like northern lights, purple bud,red hair skunk. The problem is that all these weeds have been mixed.One pound of a good weed costs 25 american dollars.(450 gr)
    Growing weed here is very easy, we have the same weather all year. I had a plant about 3.50 meters high, and that is just
    how all the plants grow here .
  2. WTF, dont worry about THC content really you need to fertalize to pick that up. Also on a personal note i went to school with your Vice Pres's daughter. She's a bit of a dog.

    Suit & Tie
  3. Try mail ordering different seeds. Try several different strains till you find what you like check out cannibus cup winners...anyway $25.00 per pound thats sick... maybe i'll visit ecuador soon....
  4. Try different seeds that are shipped worldwide. Go to the link directory here at grasscity and check out the seed section. The Dutch Passion company publishes the THC% of several of their strains. Pick a strain from them and order it either from seedsdirect or heaven's stairway.
  5. im visiting in a couple of days soy de alli but i only go back once in a while.. i've been living out of the country for more that ten years and i don't know where i can find the best weed
    doesn't need to be much, but i need it fast
    reply por favor

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