Ectasy- First Time, I wasn't ready for this.

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  1. WEll I can say my trip was amazing and extremely revelating to my life. Currently I'm in highschool, besides that I am a regular everyday smoker , not ciggarettes though.
    So here is my story..
    I was waiting at the school to drive a friend home because he needed a ride and wanted to smoke a couple bowls. So as I meet up with him and walk outside, it just landed on me. Do you wanna try E? I was excited and really wanted to see what it was like. So I took a Gs up Hos down, 100%? I think Im not really sure about all of the E stuff.

    So I took it at 3:25 and didn't really notice these effects until about an hour or so into it as I smoked a bowl. I dont remember the exact time it happened but as I was driving it hit me. I just started talking to my friend as if he was my best friend forever, I felt as if I could stay with him for the rest of my life an be happy. I was in such an amazing euphoric trip. WE conituned u just talk and talk and have the best conversation of my life, it was extraordinary.
    Then we just had to park and stop to talk and just relax, so we did. We decided to buy some Sunny D and chugged it down, hearing that Vitamin C helps enduce the trip longer.
    I just begin to think of so many words and I felt as if I could be a philosopher. I said things like, my life is like a puzzle and a giant bag of pieces. THe pieces of the puzzle in the bag make up so many different type of puzzles, when finished. I felt as if I had my life perfect, the puzzle was perfect, and I had the last piece (this girl) But, the problem was, was that she was a puzzle piece that had only 1 prong thing, while my puzzle called for two. So then I questioned... Is it worth tossing this piece to look through this giant bag to find one last piece, not knowing how long it will take, but just to know that its perfect? Or should I live with this imperfection, that is so close to being able to complete my puzzle

    So many things ran through my mind, It lasted until about 9 Or so then I smoked a bowl and tried to sleep, fell asleep around 10:30 and I realised sleeping is alot harder with E. I felt so tired but just couldnt bring myself to sleep. The night seemed like days, I feel as If i slept hours on end last night, I just kept waking up and sitting there, then trying to go back to sleep.

    I actually feel as if this experience flicked a switch on my body to ON. I feel alot different, which I hope stays with me. I dont feel as much of a want to smoke as i Used to. Right now I feel spaced out a little, just overall ok.

    So that was my experience, there was so much more than I didnt add but It was too much to type.
  2. i would definitely try e. but it has to be the right circumstances with the right people/person. a lot of people say the euphoric highs help them better understand themselves. good story
  3. Ya dude that puzzle thing was pretty cool, I'd like to try E sometime as well. It's more of who'd I wanna take it with. + rep
  4. e is like having rose color glasses

    everything is great
    you feel good
    what was i talking about again?

    is what runs through your mind. your short term is like 3 seconds. ive actually been tryin to remember something, thought of something else for a second and forgot. alot of the time you stop mid sentence like, what?
  5. Lmao damn sounds like you had a good time
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    Cool man. I've only done molly once at a Disco Biscuits show in NYC last new years. I just kept on dancin!

  7. im not much of a dancer, I did it for the fun time.

    But I suggest you try E if u wanna change in ur life and u want things to work with someone, you will completely understand them.
  8. sounds to me like you are enduring the afterglow.
    beautiful effect.
  9. thats a good story. im glad u learned but E is not the way to go. go pure...... mollyy mmmmmm

    im telling you try being at sound tribe for 4 days straight.

    i was on at least .5 .6 every night for new years. that shit is what im callin life changing......
  10. yea i have no intention to constantly do it , never will do it by myself and not more than maybe 10 all together.

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