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  1. So Im not very experienced AT ALL in this subject.. Hoping to be enlightened.

    From personal experience, what are the downsides of E? Ex: Weed's downside is paranoia, anxiety sometimes, red eyes, etc.

    Also, what does it do to you exactly? The plus sides, n' shit.

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. hmm, only tried once, but the downsides for me during were when I clenched my jaw for awhile, that was odd but not painful or anything you know.

    felt just kinda odd a few times when some new people came up and were talking to me and my friend.

    it was pretty fun and seemed interesting that night even though we didn't do much. shoulda gone out and met a girl :D

    next day felt like shiiiit. like hangover but instead of nausea I felt just like straight "unexcitement" and was really tired.
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    Straight out of
    This will show you all you need to know, positives, neutrals, and negatives.

    (negative side effects increase with higher doses and frequent use)
    inappropriate and/or unintended emotional bonding
    tendency to say things you might feel uncomfortable about later
    mild to extreme jaw clenching (trisma), tongue and cheek chewing, and teeth grinding (bruxia)
    difficulty concentrating & problems with activities requiring linear focus
    short-term memory scramble or loss & confusion
    muscle tension
    erectile disfunction and difficulty reaching orgasm
    increase in body temperature, hyperthermia, dehydration (drink water)
    hyponatremia (don't drink too much water)
    nausea and vomiting
    headaches, dizziness, loss of balance, and vertigo
    sadness on coming down, sense of loss or immediate nostalgia
    post-trip Crash - unpleasantly harsh comedown from the peak effect
    hangover the next day, lasting days to weeks
    mild depression and fatigue for up to a week
    severe depression and/or fatigue (uncommon)
    possible strong urge to repeat the experience, though not physically addictive
    possible psychological crisis requiring hospitalization (psychotic episodes, severe panic attacks, etc) (rare)
    possible liver toxicity (rare)
    possible neurotoxicity (controversial)
    small risk of death. Approximately 2 per 100,000 users have extreme negative reactions resulting in death. (rare)

    Now I wouldn't be so worried about all of these considering whenever I've rolled in the past I haven't had many of these. They are just possibilites. But mostly you'll have jaw clenching, possible dehydration, possible mental dependency, and sharing feelings which you could later regret.
  4. Damn, awesome info from both of you. Much appreciated. <3

    Can I hear of some o' the good of it from personal experience now? ;)
  5. felt really happy, music was great, talking to people was great, shit was just great! when we were walking around the street lamps started to look weird but in a good way, so maybe mild visual distortion for me.

    Becareful to know if it is pure, many times pills are cut with something else as well
  6. Bad experiences I've had-

    • got too hot
    • got too dry
    • tried to eat
    • didn't have enough blood sugar
    • had sex with someone I wouldn't/shouldn't have
    Good experiences I've had

    • Its awesome, everything feels good. Nothing is quite as good as cold water
    • Music is amazing
    • lights are fantastic
    • you don't need to sleep
    • smoke weed with it and you'll end up in 'the golden zone'
    • you'll dance sooooo hard
    • you'll dance more
    • you'll hug strangers
    • you'll talk happily with the popo (i was chatting with a cop on a dirtbike after a prodigy concert, was totally out of my head)
    • you'll save money on food
  7. lol yeah I was eating these chocolates as I dropped and mid-box I was just like damn, no more:rolleyes:
  8. Yeah man, I bought this super tasty lookin cheeseburger at summafielddayze on the goldcoast, and I'd been taking one on the hour for about 3 hours at this stage. EPIC FAIL. I managed to swallow two whole bites of the cheeseburger's deliciousness and then went and sat down under a tree, completely zoned out and stayed like that for about 2 hours. Then I stood up where I was, had a MAMMOTH spew, bought a bottle of water and proceeded to have the best festival EVER.
    I love pills.

  9. The golden zone?

    enlighten me, if you will...
  10. The golden zone is the ideal state that can be achieved by lots of pills and lots of weed.
    I first achieved it after the above mentioned summafieldazye, but it was the year after the one above where I was a mess.
    I'd taken 9 pills over the course of the day. We got home and smoked two very thick apple brown betty blunts and had a couple of lines of pilldust.
    Me and my buddy were doin the smoking out on a balcony in just shorts, letting the cold air waft over us. Each breath of the air felt amazing when it touched your skin.
    The weed makes you super sensitive to everything going on around you, and the pills make you super aware and every stimulus turns into a wave of euphoria.

    After a big sesh, finding the golden zone is a truly amazing way to come down.
  11. AAhaahahahahah mad me laugh so hard. I Talked to a cop about "the force" for a good hour, while all my freinds were rolling i was leaning in a cop car feeling the heat of it while talking to an officer. we were at a park by the long island sound that we shouldnt have been, and after my chat he was like, you guys can stay here, clean up your stuff.we were talking about everything like we were bestfreinds. People definatly feel postive vibes from others.
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    I rolled hard yesterday, while the experience varys greatly depending on the rolls you get, I just get really mellow, calm and everything around me is just fine and dandy. Just totally good vibes. You can feel music in your skin and you get an amazing body high. I have a friend who auctally jizzed his pants on 4 white rolexes. Like he just busted a nut.

    Umm I have adhd so any mixers like caffeine or amphetamines I don't really feel. I just get super chill and mellow. My body high gets so intense when I'm rolling good that my legs fall around each other and I have to hold on to stuff to walk during the peak.

    You also want to talk and your chin and shit will get super jittery and you'll look hella cracked out so don't go around people you don't want to know whats up. Your eyes will be rolling around in your head and shit. If it gets to intense for you just take a few very deep breaths they help a shit load. Deep breaths is the best advice i can personally give.

    Downside is you have a comedown later on/ next day. I feel groggy as shit today and a little out of it but i'm not like "dope sick" type comedowns. it's just a groggy ass feeling.

    anyways have fun.

    EDIT: oh and you get super lovey dovey. You just wanna tell everyone how much you like them and you'll want to talk to people you havent seen in years.

    If you have a gf or bf make sure you give them a massage and they give you one. You might bust a nut while getting the massage but yeah..back rubs/shoulder rubs feel like bliss.

  13. The temperature swings one minute I'm hot, the next I'm freezing my ass off that's the only negative side i've experienced.

  14. same here bro
  15. grinding teethh... Chattering Teethh... feeling "dopey"
  16. A lot of people have summed up what needs to be said, but on the water part, don't drink TOO MUCH.

    I'd suggest only drinking in intervals, since drinking too much water can kill you.
  17. ecstasy is fun at first, but then you find other drugs like coke and then think ecstasy is retarded, because after using e for some time, it will make you retarded. be careful with your rolls, theyll catch up quick
  18. Tried it once, and it was the best experience ever. Everything feels just amazing, I could have rubbed my hair and beard for hours. However, instead of wanting to get up and dance, I just wanted to chill really bad, I would have loved some Led Zeppelin or some Hendrix.

    Make sure you're prepared, have some gum handy, you'll be chattering your teeth alot. Also have a bottle of water handy and drink every so often. Get a hold of some glow sticks as well, you won't regret it (Blue is the best color while rolling IMO), but get some different colors. If you're going to smoke weed (I would recommend it), make sure you have quite a bit depending on how many people you do it with. I had 4 other friends rolling with me and we went through a quarter like it was nothing.

    Happy rolling :cool:

  19. Meh fuck coke, sorry but not paying 100$ a gram for a night of fun when I could roll balls for 10-30$

    And I don't like speedy short lasting addictive kinda uppers. Just Molly and Rolls
  20. I had "Literally" the best and most epic time of my life on thizz.

    Thats all I got to say about that....

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