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  1. ... well I may be buying some tomorrow... is it REALLY worth it?

    Give me some reassurance if you don't mind!
  2. yes yes yes

    oh i forgot to mention . . .


    EDIT: drink plenty of water, or even better vitamin water. oj is good too.
  3. Do you know how much you're gonna be paying? And what kinda pill are you gonna get?

    But yes it is worth it almost 100% of the time, and like he (^) said, get lots of water and OJ. Also make sure you pick up some Black 'N Milds or some kinda cigar. I can't get enough of them when I'm rollin'.

  4. especially the wine flavored ones. it's awesome.
  5. E is pretty fun man, just make sure you're getting good stuff at a good price. :)
  6. om g! I LOVE to roll i think it's totally worth it if its cheaper than twenty bucks a pop although i might still buy one for twenty.Getting a massage or vicks blown on you is incredible.It also depends on the setting.At a rave be sure to keep water handy and since it sounds like your first time it might b wise to have someone look after you a little
  7. trust me your first time will be your best if the pills are straight.

    thizz or die!

  8. 20 a pill?!? i'd never . . .

    and yeah pop with friends. it's a lot more fun.
  9. so How does this stuff taste??? What exactly will I feel?? How long till it kicks in?!?!
  10. what about the negative after effects that ive heard of? Depression afterwards because of lack of saratonin?
  11. The day after you'll be a little down and depressed, so don't plan on doing much haha. Don't roll more then once every 2 weeks at the least, every month would be best.
  12. i popped a UFC about.... 25 minutes ago. Swallowed it hole... how long till i feeel it?
  13. bigcat your the dude that started the heroin thread left me hanging man i was wondering how the pick up went and shit. you should post something..provide a little closure lol
  14. Depression isnt right. Government propaganda. Your really just like man.. i wish i was still rolling. And thats part of the starting addiction to them. Then you start to get addicted to the actual coke, meth, or heroin That the E is cut with. So be careful. I can take X like once a month and be fine. Just keep water, sip dont gulp. Orange Juice helps ALOT! And just be in a comfortable inviroment. And have your "good" friends. Not just people. Vibes can really affect your sort of kinda "trip" that it actually is. To me atleast. Your pupils will get huge! Just swallow them whole. No reason to chew.. It's all pretty much the same. Take one, wait an hour,, if your feeling good then stay with one. If its slight. Take another. just remember, E like multiplies. One pill equals=:) add another its =:):) . Sit back! and have a blast! Oh, And keep the Bowls passing! Makes it even better. IRON LUNG! haha. Take huge ass bong rips!!!:smoking: Peace. Have fun
  15. very very worth it
  16. i popped my pill 2 hours ago and barely feel a buzz... is this normal?
  17. unless you ate a very very large meal or something..idk an incredibly slow metabolism then no this isnt normal. more than likely bunk pills my friend.
  18. i have a very fast metabolism and i have not aten a thing except a small chocolate kiss 2 hoursa go
  19. call the person you got them from and let them know..gaige what they say to see if they knew they were bunk from the start and try to get your money refunded. not much else you can do at this point..its shitty luck but it does happen.
  20. would you recommend that i pop another one? the last one i swallowed with water... should i chew this one? Gouge... youre pretty helpful :)

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