Ecstasy whats going on?

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  1. So ive been doing drugs for quit a while now,and a large variety of them,ive also been rolling for sometime to,there's been points were Ive rolled everyday for a week then other times were i go a couple of months to a year without rolling.

    now since i moved to Orlando 5 months ago,Ive rolled a bunch of times,and i was getting real good rolls,but for some reason for the last 4 times i rolled i didn't feel shit,and most the time i knew they weren't shit cause i was with other ppl that took them.

    so the second time this happened i said to my self maybe its the tolerance,cause the 4 times i didn't feel anything was only from one pill,but i mean if there good rolls there's no doubt that i shouldnt be like i said before i think its my tolerance so i took a 3 month break from rolling.

    so the last month and a half i tried rolling twice i didn't feel anything at all,and its really fucking pissing me off,but you know the weird thing is,this all started happening after i wanted to candy flip, i bought some cid and bought one of those white gs up hoes down really good rolls and very common,and there was other ppl rolling on them,and i felt the roll really strong then it kinda faded away so i was just like its probably going in waves,then i dropped my cid,and after that i didn't feel anything from the roll the rest of the night.

    but that cid wasn't LSD when i took it i knew i was in for a ride maybe life changing experience,ive never tripped so hard in my life,besides DMT an I'm a very experienced tripper.later i found out it was DOB an know I'm starting to think it was something else cause i only took 4 blotters an Ive heard from multiple people that it would take a lot of blotters of DOB to trip so hard,at least that's what Ive heard,but it was such an intense trip i could go on for ever about that life changing trip but I'm not gonna.

    so anyways i haven't rolled since that night after i tried to candy flip with the DOB,and Ive tried 4 different times and 2 of them were after i took a long break so it wasn't tolerance.

    so to tell you the truth i really dont know and its fucking pissing me off,you think it could be a pychological thing,cause the last couple of times ive tried to roll im a little anxious wondering if im gonna feel it or if its bunk,im starting to think its maybe its all in my head.
  2. lol 50 ppl have read this thread,no one has any knowledge of why this is going on?
  3. With much scientific evidence,
    Its safe to say that the ecstasy and your a body are broked.
  4. what do you mean
  5. idk =[ im etarded.
    I think you should consult a doctor
  6. idk dude. because i have never tripped (kinda anxious bout it).

    but i would either take a longer break, or try to find some molly, if you dont roll off of molly you know theres a problem.
  7. try snorting it, that's all i can really think of. it doesn't really make sense.
  8. hey thanks for the link bro,but i read all the comments from that link,and almost all of them after taking E they feel it just not as much,then the next couple of days even to a week or 2.

    feel bad depression,badd hangover sometimes lasting more than a day,but just in general feel shitty for a couple of days,with me when i take a roll i don't get the restlessness or any effect,nor do i feel any sort of depression or hangover the next day.

    its like it just doesn't effect my body or mind in anyway,sept for the other shit ppl use to cut it with.

    hey thanks for the help man,i think you solved my promblem.
  9. I doubt you tripped on dob, it takes a couple milligrams of that stuff.

    Most likely you just got some very potent acid, more potent than you've gotten before.

    As for the rolling, I dunno dude, try taking more,I know when I take a pills worth of molly I hardly feel it at all.
  10. bro ive had my doubts about it being DOB that's just what my dealer told me,also cant it be concentrated?

    also im a very experienced tripper i know what LSD is,and that was not it.

    and ya the whole rolling thing sucks,ive tried 4 fucking times to feel nothing sometime soon im gonna buy a bunch an pop them an see how it goes.and if i knew were to get some pure molly i would been on that shit A stat.
  11. if your taking anti-depressants you wont roll ;)
  12. ya i know,but i would never put that shit in my body,totally fucks you up,your brain turns in to shit.

    and they do way more harm then good even for people with depression,cause when they get off them there depression is gonna be 3 times worse than it was before.

    it baffles me,to why doctors are prescribing that shit to ppl.
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    orlando huh... been looking for acid around here for a minute bro... shits is impossible. or maybe looking in the wrong places?

    Edit: As far as the beans are concerned, the only thing I can recommend is pure molly but its impossible to find around here... gotta get it from out of town probably.

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