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Ecstasy side effects question?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Goatsmilk87, May 4, 2008.

  1. First I'd like to know how to prevent the sores in my mouth
    Every time I do E, I get sores from biting the sides of my mouth, and I always get a sore at the tip of my tongue and have no clue how I get this. I don't chew on my tongue, I really just let it be most of the time and the next day when I wake up there's discolorations on the tip of my tongue and it's painful.

    It's got a crappy comedown that lasts a few days where I'm just spacey and bored no matter what happens. I don't even like to listen to music coming down, it seems annoying to me. Usually though, smoking pot will alleviate this and I start to feel like myself again. But once before, I did E, went to bed and woke up and did some more and may have done it too soon because it was not even as half as intense as the night before and all it did was piss me off. How long should you wait before doing E again for the best effect?

    Also sometimes when I do E, I space out and suddenly I'm doing something else somewhere else having some kind of conversation with someone. Usually when I kick myself back into reality I can't remember what I was visualizing. For example, last night I did it with my husband and out of nowhere I said "so how many cities have you destroyed?" I was having a conversation with someone (in my mind) in some strange setting. But it all seemed so normal and real I had lost all sense of who I really was and where I really was. Suddenly reality kicked back in and he was looking at me like I had lost it. It was awkward and confusing and I'm glad it was only around my husband. This happens at least twice in a roll for me.

    I don't do it too often, just one weekend a month at the most I'll splurge on it. I don't like to do it too often because it makes me feel like I've lost too many braincells afterwards.

    Any ways of making the comedown more bearable?
  2. I know the best way to not have pains in the mouth, is GUM.

    Chew Chew Chew.

    And yes, an E comedown sucks big time.

    One thing to remember with E, is moderation. You will be fine if you dont do it often.
  3. i love doing pure mdma once a month. i noticed some when i did mda but thats not the same as mdma. i last did it 3 weeks ago and b4 that 6 weeks ago. i did it once a week b4 new years and i cut down bc i noticed some depression states. seriously if your getting bad side effects from pills they are probably just bad pills. find a new connect.
  4. Yeah, you can chew on gum, or chain smoke....though i usually just chew the hell out of the filter haha, but i too find myself chewing on my tongue and cheek subconciously if I'm not smoking or chewing gum.
  5. And sit up straight. I had a GF that had the "E" neck. Looks like bad posture kind of, but its from the chemicals f-ing up your neck.
  6. your fucking crazy if you think gum is a good idea. Gum is a surefire way to get a bleeding mouth if your rolling hard.

    Go buy a binky, and REST your teeth on it and relax your jaw.. Its not there to chew on.
  7. To prevent the sores take magnesium it helps with the jaw. Also as someone said getting a binky is another solution. The crappy comedown can be from bad pills, with mdma you shouldnt really have a comedown or hangover especially more than one day. Also you can take 5-htp to help the comedown, and should wait at least a month between rolls.

    You should think about getting a testing kit.

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