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Discussion in 'General' started by tokaholic, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. well ive decided to try ecstasy for the first time. ive done the research and i plan on doing it in the safest way possible. this will be the first drug to enter my body besides marijuana. i have a few questions tho. first, if i smoke after i start rollin will i go down, or what? second, just doing x once wont make me lose weight will it? because if i lose any more weight i will go down a weight class in my wrestling team, and i dont want that to happen. if anyone has any helpful advice or suggestions, it would be appreciated.
  2. Smoking will likely have little or no impact on your roll. And no, you won't gain weight from doing it once.
  3. may I suggest a light up frisbee?
  4. hell ya. that field was awesome

    our to do list:
    E~ Club
    Acid~ Disney Quest
    Shrooms~ dark room, good musik

    sound good?
  5. I wouldnt reccommend doing E alone, very very un-fun haha...

    And also, goin to a club on E is how people die, they move around too much and drink alchy which dehydrates you even more than Ectacy does..During your night, try to drink water..atleast 2 glasses, it'll help your body a lot..

    I was in rehab for being addicted to E, i lost over 80lbs haha..

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