Ecstasy as drug of Choice!

Discussion in 'General' started by XTC420, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. I've been gone for so long. I had to re-register to the site. But now I'm back. Over the long period of time i was gone i've experienced many things and one of the experiences was Ecstasy.
    I tried it once and had a roll that wasnt very good so i was kinda discouraged, but the week after I got a different kind and man I loved It. I dont know many people personally except my best friend that messes with it. Now most of my close friends are wanting to try it. I highly recomend it. I have done it a total of 6 times since I first tried it. Is there anyone else that holds a love for this drug also. Give me some of your views on it whether good or bad! Have a nice Day!

    P.S. Since I've done it I have a whole new positive look on life...I Love Life!

  2. tahts not true, its bad science gone wrong, the studies they did were done by scientist paid by the American government. Since then many independent (non government scientists) from around the world found no such claims to be true.

    once again america made up some shit to scare us. reefer madness. :)
  3. Yea I used to think the same thing. But, there are specials on Television and i've read articles and the whole thing about the holes getting eaten in your brain was a scam. The person who was first to bring that up even admitted it. It helps a lot of patients who are in therapy and a lot of scientist, chemist, and doctors take it.
  4. There are still alot of negaive effects from E, i would personally never do it, a good friend of mine did it a lot for a while and he is all fucked up now because of it, you can just tell it mess with the chemistry in his brain. He's not normal anymore and the only time he ever seems happy is when he is on E, he quit and he just has seemed really depressed for the last year or so. I still would need to see further research, and from what i've seen it looks like an extremely harmfull drug. The thing with the holes in your brain, i think its true, MTV did a documentry on it and there not bias at all and i doubt they would use a goverment funded study and not mention it. They showed (mri or cat scans or x-rays) of the girls brain and it had holes in it like swiss cheese. And its being made in peoples basements you can't really trust they are processing the drug safely, so untill theres further research i wouldn't go near it.

  5. If you believe that, you're pretty naive...
  6. lol yeah its fine if its pure mdma but the shit you get on the street is cut with who knows what and fucks you up. After several uses your serotonin stops being able to produce on its own which causes you to be depressed etc.
  7. I thought it was dopamine that it would make your brain stop producing. Meh, maybe you're right. I dunno.

  8. I've seen too many people get fucked for life or die from doing shit to consider rolls, regardless of whomever recommends it.

    Keep your X, all I want is a blunt.
  9. fuck that. i'd never touch E.
  10. PCP ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!!

    nah i'm jus playin.... my personal preference is LSD but since i cant get it often enough to kill my brain to bad, it seems pretty alrighty..... and since i get drug tested alot i cant do any drugs at all except for acid cuz its extremely hard to detect in your piss... but when i get out da classes i'll be smokin til i passout.

    but anyway a lil MDMA once in awhile isnt to bad, jus dont become an E-tard
  11. Your pretty naive if you just use biased shows like MTV and crappy studies as proof that E isnt bad. Ive seen more people fuck their lives up from that shit than any other drug, includiong alcohol.
  12. I use mdma regulary, once a week say and as there is somewhere on another post me and thc had an argument about it, it's pretty good, no hard feelings eh thc?

    It's personally up to a single person to try it or not, me i choose it.

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