Ecstasy and Gaming

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by soleaffliction1, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Is it worth it?
    esp very colorful games?

    picking up a great roll this weekend hahahh
  2. would rather be doing other things, sounds like a waste to me, but whatever floats your boat.
  3. I came home at like 2 last saturday all thizzed out, played some call of duty 4. It was fuckin nuuuuts. If you like lean towards the TV in a couple seconds your attention gets sucked in and its actually like your in the game lol.
  4. Nazi zombies woohhhh
  5. Lol yeah man, don't spend the whole night gaming. Maybe game for like 45 mins before you go out or something.
  6. one time i played geometry wars when i was thizzin. needless to say I rolled balls
  7. when were were all rolling at this party my friend cut off the lights and played Geometry Wars on xbox 360. everyone was staring throughout the whole game, it was fuckin great.
  8. need colorful games!
  9. OH! I always play gta while i come up if i'm at home. it passes the time nicely and i usually play for a few minutes into peak then i just get overwhelmed with thought and usually wonder off / go to walmart or the mall or something then go hit a party or whatever is going on. but yeah, if you got gta 4 get in a car and change the view to inside the car (preferably a fast one) and drive around listening to music. its only second to really cruisin and bumpin
  10. never have, and dont really have any desire too, i rather do other things when rolling,like get messages, lightshow, or dance my legs until they turn to jello
  11. I'd rather be partying my ass of or having sex...haha

    you just want to play games? ghey.
  12. sometimes me and my friends will play some halo 3 when we're rollin, it's fun for a little but i'd rather not spend my whole roll gamin.

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