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  1. WIll one ecstacy pill be enough to get me rollin for my first time?
  2. depends on the kind

    ive done x about 5 times and once it was weak the pills were called yellow triangles. But all other times I had pills called blue invisibles and they are AMAZING.

    you NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to smoke about 2 bowls 1 hour after you drop. I cant even explain how much it brings the roll up.

    Also, it might sound gay but get some glowsticks and some fast paced music. Like The Faint or Infected Mushrooms

    And a lot of water

    edit: its highly recommended never to take more than 2 pills at once. I saw my friend pop 3 once and he literally sat in his chair for 2 hours looking around everywhere and mumbling jibberish and had no clue what was going on.
  3. Im getting red macintosh and I think it is pure Mdma, in about 10 minutes..
  4. niiiice also download the song

    Exstacy by DaRude

    its an absolute must for rolling.

    Where are you taking them and with how many people
  5. One would be fine, if you need more than one you dont wanna eat those pills anyway.
  6. me and my other homie then were probably going to go party.
  7. drink water and have gum/ binkey to chew on so you dont fuck up your jaw too much
  8. i popped it around 730 and im still feelin it now and its 1230 it was a fun time.
  9. In august to celebrate moving into our new place, my roomate and I are dropping 4 each, should be fun. But 1 is definently enough for your first time as long as its a good roll. My first time we had some amazing rolls and we did one each and that had us going hard!

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