Ecstacy is orgasmic

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  1. for those who havent tried rolling... i highly reccomend it.

    im rolling for the first time.

    the only thing that worries me about this drug is that it could be mixed with anything... but if i could find a legit source of mdma i would honestly do it every once in a while...

    not trying to fry my brain.



    and, by the way, it was a blue circle with the transformers guy on the side of it.

    if that means anything.. i tried looking it up on erowid but im feeling good just sitting here...
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    blue transformers are some of the best E pills.
    I had a few blue PUMAS a couple days ago, was pretty good stuff

    EDIT: IF you want pure MDMA try buying something called MOLLY
    it's MDMA cystals ina pill capsule
  3. Meh, you need a good source. Someone who you trust. My friends sister get's em for me, :rolleyes:
  4. I like rolls, and molly powder, but I hate not being able to sleep at night which is the only reason I dont do it more often...with how my schedule works I have to be able to get my sleep man!
  5. It's not called 'Ecstacy' for nothing.
  6. The chicks I did it with are complaining about how shitty they feel today.... i feel normal... i slept pretty good (for the 3 hours i slept) and now i just feel regular.

    I learned a good lesson though... i was drinking soda while on that shit and it really does seem to dry you out.... i switched to water and had a much more enjoyable experience
  7. Molly's where its at :) so much cleaner than any roll I have ever had plus I slept better than when I roll.
  8. have fun literally putting holes in your brain. when used enough, your brain will no longer be able to produce the chemicals for happiness without the drug and you'll be banished to a life of depression and brain damage.

    pills man...
  9. Have fun being a misinformed jackass. =[

    propaganda, man....
  10. yeah man, it really is fun.
  11. Just get some Emergan-C to boost your antioxidant level to help counter the increase of free radicals in your brain and some 5-htp for the next morning. Vicks inhalers are great when your rolling too, just dont overdo it.
  12. that stuff is gross man, a great way to fuck up your future, let alone your head.
  13. blue transformers were speed in my area

    i dont like X, i like downers. people that are on X are fucking anoying as hell if you arent on it too.
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    Sad that most people come in here and spit misinformation.

    Just because one of those "green pumas" "red transformers" were awesome or shitty does NOT mean that every green puma or red transformer is going to be the same.

    Anyone can buy a pill press and ingredients to make a pill any color with any content.
    You have to realize that every pill comes with a chance that its going to be a meth bomb or just bunk.

    Like I said before, Molly is were it's at :hello:

    Also-- X is not going to ruin your life.

    Only YOU can ruin your life by abusing it. Rolling infrequently will not cause you to become depressed. As long as you use it responsibly and let your seratonin build back up it's all good :D
  15. Exactly. The "E" Pills that get your brain fucked up are the meth/speed bombs, or other substances put in the pill other than mdma. Pure MDMA doesn't put holes in your brain, it depletes serotonin, yes, but used properly and not abused it won't do any *documented* damage to the brain.

    I'd recommend this video with Peter Jennings on Primetime - ttp://

    @gr33n_chr0n1c and any other users who roll - Check your pills ! Pillreports! and get a test kit if you like rolling. you never know what your gonna get! )(EZ-test)

    I've done e about a dozen times, mixed it with shrooms as well once. Life changing experience. It had the loving/talking openness of the e and then had the abstract thinking and in-tune with life feeling of the shrooms. I bonded with one of my closest friends even greater and we had many life altering conversations, simply amazing.
  16. i cant get pills in London just straight pink molly. it just godly although i dont roll that often at all.
  17. This chick has it right on the money. A few grams of Molly will blow your mind in ways Ecstasy could only wish to.
  18. You cant spell awesome without some E's.
  19. its all fun and dandy until you look like a junkie.
  20. those mollys sound bad ass... unfortunately I have never heard of them around my area... but if i ever come across them, ill probably give it a go

    like i said, the shit about it being anything in the pill is what scares me... those tester kits look like a great idea.

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