Ecstacy first experiance.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Tokingbymypool, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Droped E for the first time last night. AND OH MY LORD what a blast.
    Only took one but it sure did the trick for me.
    I droped the pill sitting at a tabe with friends and then about maybe 45 minutes later I found myself just walking around the room with the BIGGEST smile. Now all my friends knew this was my first time and so they saw me and they were like, Check your pupils out! My pupils were fully dialated and i was rolling. Near my peak i was sitting in a chair watching the windows as they were waving. Everything with solid lines seemed to move in waves.. And colors of the walls kind of pulsated to like chromatic colors. My vision was also pretty pixaly. They Were cut with coke and meth. Ok let the flaming begin on the meth part. MY BAD. They were a blue green color with the internet logo. I love MDMA. My body felt amazing. And me and my buds also had a half O there for our comedown.. But I have good self control and im gonna wait a good month before i take another roll. But i would highly reccomend to anyone who has been thinking about trying it. Or anyone who is sketched about if they want to do shrooms or acid. I believe rolls would be a good test to see if you could handle a good trip. But hell yeah MDMA
  2. been there, its pretty amazing..
    just don't make it a habit or regular thing
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  3. Exactly, and like i said i will wait a good month if not two until i do it again. And its pretty expensive to. so.. it isnt easy on the wallet either. The only habit i have is the good ol ganja. :)
  4. pure mdma is thaaaa shit. just had my first roll a little ago and it was fukn amazing.

  5. foreal? man I started doing them cuz they are so cheap and everyone got it. in the bay they are like $4 - $5 per pill right now for some reason.. not even buying in bulk but straight up 1 pill price.. i have no idea how they became so cheap..

    but yeah fuck yeah wait months in between.. u seem to already know whats up then.
  6. I've only been able to find it once around here, but the dumbass wanted $25 a pop. A friend of mine, who up until this year was straight edge, knows where to get it so I might have her hook me up when I go down there this month.

  7. Expensive? Really?
    There so common around these parts, u can easily get them for $5 a pill.
    I even have a homie that gives them to me for free cuz hes always coming up on some.
  8. How much did you take? I took two pills and felt great but nothing was waving, i never got that sensation on anything other than LSD.

    Ecstasy was alright I've taken it twice and i really cant remember much from the experiences, except laying in grass and just feeling each blade on me, it felt like a full body orgasm.
  9. my first time rollin i had slight visuals like things waving, etc...110mg of pure molly :)
  10. Well there 15 a pop around here. And thats what everybody sells them for. there is one guy that sells them for six. But there shitty and sketch, and i dont fuck around with sketch pills. I would rather save my money and just buy from a reliable man.

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