Ecstacy Cigarettes?

Discussion in 'General' started by hempdude420, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. I know someone that went on spring break in North Carolina. They claim they came across a store run by a Mexican guy who was selling cigarettes laced with E. He gave me one for free. It looks just like a normal cigarette, except 'ECSTACY' is printed on the outside of the cig paper. Anyone ever hear of this? If I smoke the cigarette will it be the same as taking E? Also, I've never done any drugs except bud. Would it be okay to smoke this thing alone? Would I able to function normally enough to quietly open a sliding door, for example?
  2. i know there are ecstasy brand cigarettes...containing no mdma
  3. Well the guy said he smoked one and got pretty fucked up, so I don't know. It was free, so why would he bother lieing?
  4. because he is a moron? He doesn't know what he is talking about most likely...but try it and "figger" out. It won't fuck ya up very much at all
  5. If you're too fucked to open a door you're most probably gonna be too fucked to stand, and you'd need a good few pills for that not just one supposedably (excuse the spelling :eek:) laced cigarette

  6. what are you talking about
  7. They sell them at my headshop. On the back, the ingredients include, cat nip and cabbage. Akward.

  8. My bad I tend to ramble whilst stoned. I was saying if you are too wasted to open a door subtly, then you would probably be too wasted to stand as I have been in countless fucked up states and always managed to get back inside if you catch my drift. If you're at home, even if you are wasted, unless u knock a bunch of shit over, I doubt you'd make that much noise opening a door.
  9. I'll try it tonight, but I'm not expecting anything. I looked up the Ecstacy brand of cigarettes. They contain no tobacco, my cig does. They come in a different container. Mine came from a box labeled Marlboro. I doubt it'll fuck me up, but who cares? It was free.
  10. just smoke it dawg
  11. Damn.. I read this whole topic and I'm blown so it took like a good 5 minutes.. and when I got to the bottom it never even said whether it fucked the kid up or not! I'm sad now...
  12. I've smoked a ciggerate like that before.

    Tasted different, No buzz.
  13. I just smoked it like two minutes ago. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Zip. I don't know what's up with the guy who gave it to me, but oh well. It's the first time I've ever smoked a cig, I don't plan on doing it again unless I mix weed in with the tobbaco and take the filter out. Whatever.
  14. haha that's awesome...:smoking:
  15. I'm stoned once again, and much more satisfied now. Sorry about your bad experience. I was so interested before when I posted because I've taken E a fair amount of times. It's a real trip. For anyone who does it or plans on doing it, I recommend you go to and look up your pill before you take it. Make sure there's nothing bad in it.
  16. I've had those before. Absolutely nothing to do with E. They're simply tobacco-free cigs.

    The guy is trying to scam you because of the name.
  17. He's right they r stinky as hell 2. I went to the head shop 1 day and they were giving out free ones, i took 1 and put it in my car b/c I do not smoke anything but buds, I had 2 throw it out, it stunk up my car in like two minutes. I will have to call bullshit on this one. JOE>
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    Why did noone just google "ecstasy cigarettes"?




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