Ecstacy and Evading Arrest

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    So, i'm picking up 4 pills of E soon ($5 bucks/pill) and i was considering taking one of them at my friends party. The only problem is that last time there where a ton of people so were thinking this time there may be more.. So here's my question: IF the police show up will i be able to run away? Or, alternatively, will i be able to act sober and not seem high as a kite?

  2. Once i got picked up by a cop rolling total face.and i managed to act completely sober for the couple of hours of being in the piggys presence.

    somehow when ever I'm talking to a cop know matter how fucked up i am,always manage to sober right up.
  3. But, this is my first time on E. Think i'll still be able to pull it together?
  4. its all in your mind bro,if you think you can you probly will be able to.

    you have to learn how to toy with your brain.

    theres been times ive been more than fucked up an have been able to pull my self together in front of a pig.
  5. yeah just pull it together and don't even try to hard just try to avoid being obvious. running is always the best though lol
  6. Thanks for the responses. I figured if i had to i could keep a straight face, but i don't really know what to expect from it. I'm planning to take one at a friends party - since i'm getting 4 do you think it would be wise to test one out first?
  7. just tell them you have migraines. when i get them my pupils get massive and the light hurts.
  8. That's actually a pretty good idea. Although would you really hang around a party with loud music and loud people if you had a migraine? Still, better than the alternative (being high on e).
  9. just dont have anything on you and it doesnt matter. i talked to the police on e but its not a crime to be high on it in oregon or at least they dont enforce it.
  10. dude just fucking run, you rolling man, no way those pigs gonna keep up with ya:p
  11. If you are rolling face there is no way to hide it from a cop. I got caught by the cops rolling balls and i tried my hardest and got no where close. If they are talking to you they are going to look at your eyes and you look like your rolling anyway. so yea unless there is a dumb ass cop than i guess you can pull it off.
  12. I think i'm just going to run, haha. Thanks for the advice.
  13. dont be stupid.

    i talked to cops while i was rolling balls before and they didnt say shit. if youre over 18, they cant stop you for being fucked up at a party. i NEVER got in trouble for being fucked up at a party, i mean wtf, are you supposed to be sober at a party?
  14. thats not tru at all

    its very possible
  15. exactly.
  16. just pray your eyes arent pinging from side to side like when youre rolling hard.
  17. put on Morpheus glasses :)
  18. I just took e for my first time and other than my pupils being huge.. I could seem completely sober
  19. I'll be fine i think. I might do a trip report when i test one out by myself :p
  20. Like someone else said, if you don't actually have anything on you (and if you don't have ANY alcohol on your breath, assuming you're under 21) then you shouldn't have too much to worry about.

    Technically speaking, just being on E is a crime in most (possibly all?) states. But it's generally difficult to pick up a charge for being under the influence of a controlled substance unless you're clearly fucked up and doing something dangerous or just completely nonsensical outside. However, there are always dick cops and remember that they do have the power to throw that charge at you if they feel like it so be as respectful and polite as you can if you do encounter them (which shouldn't be very hard while you're rolling.)

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