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Ecru 420

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MickFoster, Oct 24, 2022.

  1. #1 MickFoster, Oct 24, 2022
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2022
    Is anyone familiar with the Ecru 420?
    It decarbs and infuses with programmable temperature and time.
    I have an Ardent FX but I have had problems with it since the first time I used it and I'm not sure whether it's working properly to get the most out of my flower/oil.

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  2. Been using a Levo. Interested to hear how well the Ecru works.
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  3. Also have the Ardent FX
    No problems with the FX so far but the ability to control the temps seems like a good idea
    I'm trying to settle on decarb times for CBD and CBG and cannot get a definitive time and temp

    If anyone has one please post your experience
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  4. The first time I used the FX I had trouble with the buttons working properly........I had to press the on/off button several times at different spots to get it to start up. The last few times I used it the decarb started up again after an hour and a half and the red light was flashing to cool down. I'm just not sure if it's working efficiently.

    I definitely like the idea of controlling the temp and time..........also it only takes 2-1/2 hours, whereas the FX takes about 5. It's also only $90 compared to the over-priced FX at $299. For $90, I'm going to try it.
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  5. I'm still wrestling with the idea of whether a decarb of CBD and CBG is even necessary
    They may be more beneficial in their raw form

    I went to the site and seems like it is a cross between the magical butter machine, levo and ardent

    Not a fan of infusing in these devices
    Use them for decarb only
    The products they produce are fine but the taste is too off putting.....if that's a term

    The DIY crowd is already tearing these devices down and modifying them or outright building their own devices so they should be coming down in price soon as people discover its a hot plate with better temperature sensors
    I'm being a jerk but what I paid for the Ardent was ridiculous but necessary for odor containment
    Their history of reliability is a bit questionable
    A lot of the stories seemed like folks abused the device and then turned on Ardent
    Trying to decarb a pound of weed in a day in a device that, at the time, maybe held 15-20 grams
    The build was never meant to hold up to 16 hours of constant use
    More like decarb 14 grams every couple of days
  6. Wow, great price. Thanks for the heads up

    EDIT: Wait, it looks like it only decarbs.. with a separate machine for infusion.
  7. No, the ecru 420 is a 2 in decarbs and infuses.
    I wouldn't buy it just yet though.
    I got mine yesterday and tested the temperature with an oven thermometer, and it's off by about 30F degrees.
    I may return it today.........going to give it a couple dry runs to see if the temp is consistently off by 30F degrees.
    If I can compensate, I may keep it.
  8. Decarboxylate.

    Cannabis (THC) = 240 F for 40 minutes.
    Hemp (CBD) = 250F for 50 minutes.

    Seems to be the best compromise. If in doubt run longer. It really takes well over double the normal time before I see any real change in effects from degrading. I get busy and miss hearing the timer go off and think WTH. Just how long was that cooking?


  9. Exactly what I did with the last batch of hemp
    Mix of cbd and cbg rich flower and over decarbed it
    Big thumbs down from folks as the chocolates didn't seem to offer any effect

    It seems from an anecdotal standpoint that folks get more relief from the higher thc in some cultivars like thunder struck 10% thc/15% cbd
    Hemp flower in the less than 1% thc range seemed less effective for sleep

    It makes sense from some of the points in your thread that letting a regular decarb go a little longer gives a more sedate effect
    It seems you can achieve some sort of ratio of thc/cbd that affords the pain relief and sleep without being over intoxicated for newbies or non users who are purely medical
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  10. Don't forget the roll terpenes play. And you can buy food grade terpenes now days to add to medibles. Lots of terpenes, and flavor in essential oils as well.
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  11. Which product is that? I went to the website and it shows 2 different machines (3 if you count the decarb box). One for infusion and one for decarbing.

    EDIT: this is where i went - - am I looking at the wrong site?
  12. It's on Amazon.........I don't know why it's not on their website either.
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  13. ah okay, thanks, thought i was going crazy lol
  14. Just google decarb and infuse machines.
  15. A bit late, but I bought the ECRU 420. Worked great the first time. The 2nd time, error code after an unknown amount of time. Set it to 30 minutes and walked away. Came back 20 minutes away to an error message. By the smell (it's not odorless by any means, but does greatly reduce it), it wasn't near the end of the cycle when it quit. I'm in my month window, so I'll be returning it.
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  16. I returned mine the day I got it.
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  17. #17 Joker1121, Jun 27, 2023
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2023
    I just looked at the Ecru 420 on Amazon and couldn't believe how many machines, boxes, and what not there is available for decarb and infusion. I have an Ardent Nova.

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