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  1. Has anyone ever used an ecosystem machine, if so what type of plants do you use? Any help would be appreciated.:rolleyes:
  2. need a link, and you may or may not be aware that this forum is about growing cannabis.
  3. thank you, what I should have said was what strain of plant (cannabis) dont understand about links tho, as you can see = a complete novice :(
  4. What he means is he wants you to copy and paste the link from the website address you were looking at this "ecosystem". If you saw it on a website, just go back there, highlight the whole address from your browser, right click your mouse, select copy, come back here push reply in this thread, then right click your mouse again and select paste.

    I got to admit I got no clue what you mean, but Im interested too.

  5. Hmm interested.
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    its a vertical growing system I have seen advert for here in uk and wondered if there was a specifice strain of plant to use thanks for the help, I will get better at this lol:)
    have just found another thread in advanced growing techniques but it doesnt answer my question, there is a photo tho if anyone interested
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    I seen someone growing with that thing somewhere, I didnt know it was called an ecosystem. Lemme look around for you granny, maybe I can find you a link!:D

    Its called Vertical Scrog, I know that.

    Heres a little info, not a grow thread

    little thread from right here at GC

    Not much info out there really, seems like they are expensive and you could build it yourself for cheaper.

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