Economical Outdoor Grow UK - White Widow Auto, Auto Berry + Photoperiod Purple Afghan Kush

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  1. My last grow I did with my brother in 2mx1.2m hydroponics tent, due to lack of funds and space I can't do that again.

    I've started some auto's and 2 photoperiod's in my wardrobe, the autos will be going outside and the others will be staying in the wardrobe when I upgrade it to a tent inside =)

    10x White Widow (Auto's)
    2x Auto Berry (Auto's)
    2x Purple Afghan Kush

    DAY 1
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  2. How far are your lights get them about 2 inches away.

    Helpful hint. It's usually easier to use books and stuff to move the plants closet to the light and remove books or whatever you use as they grow towards the light so you don't have to keep moving the light around

    2-3 inches away is best

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  3. As its a wardrobe grow I used screws to create something for the light "shelf" to sit on, I never thought of putting books under them so that's a huge help thanks for that! Will go and move them closer asap!

    For 4 days in I think they are coming along nicely, dreading the transplant though will use a spoon and a pokey to help get them out safely, I have checked already and can see roots at the bottom of the little pot they are in from under the tray already.

    Will update with day 5 pics tomorrow, one of them seems to have died or is really struggling opening up so will try sort that during the transplant tonight too!

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  4. Is it the furthest from the Light? If so move it closer and make sure the sees shell isn't keeping it closed

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  5. Cheers mate, done the transplant and moved the set up around, the lights went off as I was doing it so ended up having to carefully use my phone light which was a huge struggle! Going to attach another computer fan up to back of wardrobe tomorrow to extract some more air out as its getting very hot, will also add another fan in there as the one isn't going to be enough with the new pots taking up a lot more space.

    The transplant was very difficult, I may he damaged one because couldn't find a small enough spoon at first.. I was extremely surprised at the length of some of the "tap roots", more than 5 had roots dangling down around 10-15cm and they are only 4 days old!
    They are now in a mix with perlite, a very small amount of fish bone & blood, and a very small amount of bone meal, all mixed with canna coco to help with airiation.

    Tomorrow will tell if I stressed them out too much that they die :( but all are looking gorgeous, I also used tweezers to gently open the leaves on the small one that was struggling to give it a helping hand.

    Thanks for your info and advice :)
  6. Day 5
    Morning after transplant, moved the girls closer to lights, this is currently as close as I can possibly get them.. I've changed the whole set up round a bit but don't want to do much more for a few days now.
    Added a second fan to help with the air flow as one wasn't getting them all, the fan has dramatically decreased the temperatures.. WAS up to 40 degrees, now it's below 30 degrees!
    The lights were originally facing straight down.. I remembered something I used in my previous germination using CFL's and have tilted them hoping it gives them better access to light and spreads it between them a bit better. What are your thoughts on the lighting layout?

    While transplanting, I checked on one of the purple afghan kush's that I thought didn't sprout, it looked stuck in it's shell and was struggling to come up so I used tweezers to gently edge the shell off the plant, but didn't remove it fully as I didn't want to take too big of a risk incase it was just a very slow grower. It's now recovered nicely and looks like it should be up within the next day or so! IMG-_1151-min.JPG

    The brunt of the litter.. one of the white widow autos which just wasn't growing doesn't seem to have made much change in itself, I did try to assist it opening but it hasn't made much difference, I've also moved it a lot closer to the lights but I'm assuming this one really isn't going anywhere tbh! What do you think? IMG-_1152-min.JPG

    Last hour of light on Day 5, watered first thing this morning and they all seem to have so far not reacted too badly to the transplant although there is still time. IMG-_1153-min.JPG

    Any thoughts / tips / recommendations are really appreciated !
  7. Day 6

    I think this poor baby is struggling a lot, it's not doing as well as the others so think she may die soon. - It's not over watered btw, it has just been watered before photo was taken.

    Purple afghan kush, the smaller one of the two.. she's getting there slowly but I think the extremely early transplant + she struggled to get out of her shell has slowed things down a lot. IMG-_1167-min.JPG

    The white widow auto's coming along nicely, not sure if they are a bit slow but they seem to be doing nice and look very healthy!


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  8. Day 7

    Day 7, not too fast not too slow, all seem to be coming along healthily!
    I've installed a computer fan into the back of the wardrobe.. the saw was a bit too big so didn't go as neatly as planned but it fits and works and pulls out a bit of the heat.
    The girls are growing their new sets of leaves and doing well!
  9. Day 8

    Day 8 and all coming along nicely still, since transplant they have been going a lot slower but their new leaves are coming through very nicely!
    Please let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations or tips would be great!
    IMG-_1188-min.JPG IMG-_1190-min.JPG IMG-_1191-min.JPG IMG-_1192-min.JPG IMG-_1193-min.JPG

    The new leaves showing clearly here, looking good! IMG-_1194-min.JPG IMG-_1195-min.JPG
  10. Day 9

    I was surprised when I checked the girls today, they have grown very well over night, so I'm even more excited to see how they are today!
    IMG-_1201-min.JPG IMG-_1202-min.JPG IMG-_1204-min.JPG IMG-_1205-min.JPG

    This poor girl completely fell over somehow.. I think I may have weakened her during transplant, so I've given her some support.
    How long roughly will she take to stabilize again?
    IMG-_1207-min.JPG IMG-_1208-min.JPG IMG-_1209-min.JPG

    I'm very pleased with their progress, if you guys spot anything odd or have any advice or recommendations it is always appreciated!
    They should be ready to go outside in roughly another 7 days, does anyone have any tips on getting them outside safely with minimum stress? I'm unable to put them on window sill to get used to outdoor light so worried they could die when it comes to going outside! :(
  11. Day 10
    Checked on the girls today and they are coming along quite well if I don't say so myself, still early days but they seem to have got over the transplant now and started growing up!

  12. Day 12
    WOW! Today I was very impressed with the growth, no water needed today as wanted to dry them out a bit! No time to put much more info but here's todays pics

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  13. They look to be coming along nice, Are you planning on using that space for the whole grow?
  14. They will be going outside within the week, if I was to use that space for a grow I would only put 1 maybe 2 in there.
    Thanks buddy had a few problems will update with pictures tomorrow!
  15. I realized now that it said outdoor lol
  16. Looking good! Subbed up for the ride!
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  17. Sorry for my lack of updates, the girls had a few problems and I've been trying to get things right whilst working 6 days a week and using my only day off to prepare the outdoor plot..

    Here's a video slideshow of pictures between day 1 - day 20:

    And here's some pictures of Day 19
    IMG_1406---min.JPG IMG_1409---min.JPG IMG_1411---min.JPG IMG_1412---min.JPG
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