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  1. As a grower i have a pair of Horti Glasses i got from amazon, will they pass for something to use for the end of the w.....errr umm Eclipse monday? Im going to be in the Totality.

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  2. Only if you want to lose eyesight lol. The proper glasses are so dark you can't see anything thru them but the sun.

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  3. They say that not even all welding glasses are safe - and if you've ever wore welding glasses they are about black...

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    let us know how they work
  5. Take a black piece of paper poke a hole in it with a thumb tack and look thru it good to go
  6. As others have said, sun glasses are not safe for viewing the sun.

    Before totality, there isn't much to see, and a pinhole camera works well. It's just a tiny hole in a piece of cardboard which acts like a lens to project an image of the partially eclipsed sun onto a piece of white paper.

    For most people not on the path of totality, the eclipse will be boring, and all that will happen is that a smaller, misshapen sun will appear less bright, similar to its brightness near sunset.

    We can safely use a pinhole camera during the partial phase to check the eclipse's progress, and then stare at the total eclipse without eye protection, because the sun will be completely blocked. The sun's corona (often called its atmosphere) will be visible, and be about as bright as a full moon. Once the sun leaves the moon's shadow, it will be dangerous to look at the eclipse for more than a split second..
  7. Agreed. It's kind of a stupid question looking back on it I guess (especially because I did a little welding when I was in high school) but I never use growers glasses until recently. Yeah I'm near the totality where I live would be about 97% and I'm thinking about driving 40 min away to be in it. I like the guys comment about go ahead and try it I know the question seems kind of stupid but trust me I'm not nearly as stupid as the question suggested. Even very bright people have a few dumb questions once in a while I guess.

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  8. Not a stupid question.
    Get as close to the center of totality as you can, because totality lasts longer there.
    Even 1% of sun exposed will change the eclipse from spectacular to so so.

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