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Eclipse ciggs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by airbud4, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know if it's possible to pull out the metal coal in the end of an eclipse and roll it up with weed?
  2. No clue, but you peaked my interest to say the least
  3. I remember a while back there was a way that someone came up with where the cig would vape it kinda
    I'd google it if I were you.
  4. anyone? I know somebody somewhere has tried this. if not, i'm gna attempt it friday, jst picked up a pack of eclipses :)
  5. No don't do it.
    You need to do something to it first before it will burn the weed.
  6. I just tryed a search and found very little. Where do you get these cigs and where can I find more info on them
  7. I've also looked around and found nothing. I'm going to post up photos and a guide when i do it. But basically, it's a cigarette made of very thick paper (which isn't burnt when smoked) with a metal tip that houses the heating element. The tube itself is filled with tobacco, and at the end of the metal tip, there is a small metal piece that looks like a smaller, jagged lighter flint. To light it, you have to really pull hard on the cigg to get the metal-ish thing at the end red-hot. After that, you just smoke it like you would a normal cig, but it doesnt burn, it just draws hot air over the tobacco.

    The only issue i can imagine encountering while attempting this, would be removing the tobacco. But if i can't just push it out through the filter (which isn't a normal cigg filter, but is actually just a very hard circular piece with a hole in it), i can split it, and just double wrap it w/ a few papers.

    Here are some pics
    File:Ecli01.19.jpg - Tobacco Products
    File:Eclipse006.gif - Tobacco Products
  8. so it sounds like it vaporizes the tabbacco. if you could find out the vaporizing point of nicotine (google it i guess) that would tell you if it would work with herb (maybe). if the vaporizing point for nicotine is lower than thc's. it wont work (prob). i found this:

    Eclipse - Tobacco Products

    like halfway down the page is a pretty informative video.

    im gunna try this in a few weeks. apparently they are sold all over the country, so prob tobacco shops hav em, and you can order them online 4shure.

    keep us updated op!
  9. Ok, well i did a bit of research on the vaporizing point of nicotine and as it turns out, it's muchhh higher than that of THC, so vaporization isn't an issue. my only concern is removing the tobacco and loading it up w/ herb. I think my best bet is to just take out the heating element, push down the tobacco and add a small amount of hash or kif if i can't just put straight herb in there.
  10. subscribing to this thread, keep us updated

  11. or maybe you could cut the filter off and work the tobacco out with a needle or somthing like that, then use the kinda filter you'd use in a J.

    I wouldn't wanna mess around with the heating element too much, but only because it might be difficult to put it back in right. Idk though. since you'll have a whole pack its ok to experiment.

    I would try this myself like tomorrow, but ive been on a 6 week tol break so i can get a job, and im in my last (i hope) portion of a 3 day interview.

    good luck man, and god's speed!
  12. You're going to waste a lot of thc that will just be destroyed by the temperatures needed to vape the tobacco. Although, the same thing does happen when a bic is applied to a bowl for too long.

    I think it is a worthy venture however. I'm a Duke Chemistry undergrad; If you could figure out what the reaction is that's going on to create the heat I'd be willing to provide assitance in figuring out how to lower the amount of energy given off. There are actually a good amount of household and natural substanced that can act as blocking agents: in effect slowing the reaction so less heat is given off.

    I might have to do some research into this since my minds racing with ideas now lol. I think i could use an infared thermemoter from one of the school's labs to see how much i could get it to lower.

    keep us updated.
  13. here's the only thing i found on the heating element :

    maybe that helps?
  14. any updates???
  15. no, it will not work. The combustion temperature is different.
  16. I tried it last night and it's just not worth it to really attempt. The tobacco is oddly packed and there's a lot of nasty shit in them i wouldn't want to risk smoking. But the eclipes are kind of chill if that's what you're into

  17. lol ^

    fuck, that sucks though. im still gunna buy some and check it out. maybe theres some kinda way... idk.

    seems too cool of an idea to abandon, but now that i think of it, you prob tried everything i would be able to think of. who knows though, no harm in trying...

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