Ecigs for dabbing?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by someone_somewhere, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Ok im new to dabbing and im wondering if you can fill just a normal atomizer with oil/wax. No wick or nail just a glass tank. Ive tried searching for if but cant find anything.
  2. get a pen made for concentrates
  3. Yeah you can buy specific pens for dabbing, theyre not as reliable as a rig though it will be nice until it breaks.
  4. Yeah it's called a G Pen. If you do get one get a extra large atomizers. That's what I got and they rip.
  5. My main concern is just to be discreet about it, at work or home, so a rig isnt ideal. And I understand that they have special pens, I was just wondering if I could walk to the ecig shop by my house and get one of those. I mean will it work?

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  6. i have a micro g pen and i seriously stopped using it. I went to an e-cig store and bought a battery (eGo ctwist is the one i got may be $15 online// it changes temps too unlike a g pen) that can connect to this one amazing product my friend showed me called a Vhit B seego atomizer .. it hits clean as hell.. even more if the cap is off. the Vhit is sold online for $20, google it.. it comes with replacement coils that are of better quality than most vape pens for wax. overall the whole thing bought online is around $35-$45 bucks
  7. regular atomizers wont burn wax or concentrates but the Vhit B seego is meant for any e-cig machine to burn wax
  8. Hmm I've been vaping (for nic) for a while now, and just found a source for shatter. Maybe I'll try to find one of those attys, I already have an ego twist for it! How does it work? Just put a tiny bit in at a time?
  9. yeah too much always fucks my pen up 
  10. yes and no. when i was younger i had a ecig prolly 2 years ago. with the changeable carts. the ones that come prefilled with liquid and once there done there done. so i popped open a cart after it was out. took off the cotton and just left a coil. throw a dab in there nd itll hit. it looked weird becuase the plastic was cracked. nd it tasted weird from the left over liquid nd flavor of the e-juice. but it hit. i wudnt recomend it. get a rig. u dont have ur own room even if u live with parents? bho smells but not like weed where in lingers as long as u blow out the window it wont reek in ur room after 5 mins. also build one urself. but just remeber coils are gonna add up in the end. u can get a rig for like 40-50 with a torch
  11. I found a small vapor globe at my local shop. Where you put the dab, around on the angled edge around the coil? Could you post a pic? If it tastes bad from the wick burning after a while, couldn't you just pull the wick out before using it? It would normally bring the e juice to the coil, but in this case there's no need for the wick and would probably taste better for longer.
  12. And I already have a rig, but sometimes want to get up on the go!
  13. u think i do that still. it was bootlegged ass shit i did it like 2-3 years ago nd never used it just was tinkering with the cart. i wudnt do it. just get a pen made for it.
  14. I was asking tommy, but thanks.  I think it may have to do with my concentrate anyways, it would be considered shatter I think.
  15. Sorry yall. I completely forgot about this thread. To sum things up I did get a 510 battery with an attomizer. I debridged and dewicked it and to be honest I like it better than the gpen.

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