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Ecig or vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Colinb99, Oct 16, 2014.

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    So I've run into a bit of money recently, and was wondering, should I get an ecig or a vaporizer to chill with. I want something that I can lay around, watch movies with, with minimal smell. I only have money for one, but I've been wanting a vape for a long time, as a convenient way to smoke, but I've also wanted an ecig for a while. I'll also be bringing it to friends houses and using it, etc. and please, try not to be biased too much. I know this is a grass forum, but I would like unbiased answers. Thanks!
    Also, I like to do smoke tricks, nothing really fancy, but like ghosts, frenches, etc. the reason I want a vape is to get baked conveniently. I would be using a loose leaf vape.
  2. if i were you i'd grab a vape, depending how much cash you have i'd go a magic flight box as they're not too costly and are apparently pretty good.

    If you want to learn/practise smoke tricks though you may want an ecig as they make the best smoke (well vape)

    Try getting a vape as number 1 priority then if ya got a little left over go for an ecig as well. I got 2 Ego-twist liquid vape pens for like 30 bucks

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  3. I would get a vape. You will have way more fun and your lungs will appreciate it. If you do a little bit of looking around you can find cheap reusable ecigs online for like $4 or $5+
  4. I was looking at getting a MFLB too until I went to the shop and some dude was screaming at the lady at the counter wanting to return one. From what I overheard it combusted the tree not vaped. Also he said a lot of loose smoke would exit the back of the unit. Both good reasons not to get it if you want something with minimal smell
  5. I know what vape I'm getting, if I have enough money after I'll get a vision spinner 2 with an aerotank. I gotta have some weed money though
  6. The MFLB has a big learning curve, that's why it combusted.
  7. What type of vape are you looking at getting?
  8. I'm getting a snoop dogg gpen, and getting a glass screen to put in it so it doesn't combust.
    I'm getting a snoop dogg gpen, and getting a glass screen to put in it so it doesn't combust.
  9.  I have one and it is TERRIBLE, and because of how small the coil is inside I don't think enough heat would make it through the screen. I have never personally used a glass screen but people that I have talked to who have and they said it didn't work well. I find the unit just builds up dust in my room.
  10. Really? I have a friend with one and he says his works fine with it. I think it might have something to do with how you use it, however it might not be. I'll see how it plays out
  11. ecigs do not vape . buy a vaporizer, if looking for a vape pen theres like 3 or less that actually vape out there
  12. If you want to smoke any dry material, a vape is the way to go. Ecigs are not good for bud, and do not vape well.

    Ecigs work well with tinctures, and the variety of flavorings is amazing. As far as something just to puff on and mess with they are cool. They are also common sight in public, so you can use a flavored tincture where ever you want where as any decent vape is obvious.
  13. dayum, wasn't aware of that sorry maye haha.

    if you got a heap of money try a volcano vaporiser maybe? haven't heard one complaint on them

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  14. Volcanos are tabletops, if I had 250 I'd buy a pax no problem, but unfortunately I don't.

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