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EC/TDS Buffers and Conversion Factors

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Ponsrow, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. I've got the Hanna HI98129. It's the PH, EC, TDS meter. Real handy piece of equipment, but also pretty damn complex. I was doing some in depth reading of the manual tonight and read that when calibrating EC/TDS you can choose from 2 conversion factors. One being .5 and the other .7. In the manual is states the following .5 = 1382ppm and .7 = 1500ppm. Is this a specific calibration solution or is it simply comparing what each conversion factor equates to in Parts Per Million?

    The Fellow at the Hydro Store gave me a Dutch Nutrient Formula EC Buffer that reads EC 2760 MMHO Buffer. I've got no idea whether this should be used with the Hanna Instrument or if it will even calibrate it.

    I've kind of been going off how my girls look. They were beautiful for the last couple weeks but I've started to notice their leaves yellowing ever so slightly and therefore bumped the PPM from 300 to 450. I'll watch over the next couple days to see if any difference is made.

    Any thoughts?

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