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    I know this is simple but I can't figure it out, this is the meter I have HM TDS EZ Water Quality Tester I want to know what steps I can take to dial in the most efficient quantities of fertilizer. I have read alot about the ec meter but I am having issues because im not sure what conversion to use for my meter or even the guide lines for maximum amount. The fert im testing is Expert Gardener Bloom burst.

    I have read but "0,8 EC" means nothing on my meter, if I can convert 0,8 EC to my meter I would be in good shape. :(
  2. So, your meter gives a ppm reading like 050 or 575 or 1100?

    Or does it give an EC reading like 0.6 or 1.2?
  3. it reads like 575.
  4. Sounds like it is giving you TDS readings in ppm.

    Do you have the manual to your meter?
  5. I dont have the manual and it did not come with one but the city water has a ec of 030 or so and when i mix ferts it jumps to 345 or more. Does that help some?
  6. Sounds like a 0.5 conversion.

    Chemistry and I don't dance so well, so I don't understand why it isn't a universal standard that tds meters all use the same conversion. Oh well.

    I have one of each, a 0.5 and a 0.7 and it can be a real pain in the ass. It's like using both Imperial and metric measurements.
  7. How do I convert it with other ec readings?
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    So do I go by the Hanna conversion and just use the chart?

  9. What kind of numbers are you looking for? You using Lucas formula or something different?
  10. The Fert im testing said 187 once mixed.
    I read that one should never fertilizer more than 0,8 EC on soil. Were is that on the chart?
  11. Okey dokey. 187 ppm translates to just under 0.4 EC and 0.8 EC is 400 ppm.
  12. Is it normal for people to use the comma instead of a period in between the 2 numbers? Also thank you so much I think I got it now :hello: +rep I think this topic needs more attention and I hope this helps someone else.
  13. Just depends on where one hails from. Europeans tend towards comma, Americans tend towards period.

    Also, (E)lectrical (C)onductivity measurement seems more popular in Europe, but the (P)arts (P)er (M)illion of (T)otal (D)issolved (S)olids is favored by Americans. I could be just talking out of my ass there, but it seems the way to me.
  14. I can bite on that. Thanks again and when I have time im going to rewrite this thread for the community.
  15. Ok so I have chickens could I use Chicken poo if I ec the mix or does it not work like that?

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