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    IMG_20170829_211815.jpg IMG_20170829_211815.jpg IMG_20170829_211815.jpg IMG_20170829_212007.jpg I have 3 White widow n 1 amnesia haze under a 600w HP's. So 4 in a 2x5x6' tent. I tried some LST on 2 of em. I have a 240cfm pushing with a 100cfm pulling so My temps have been favorable have a100cfm pulling outside air at night I live in new England and even summer nights are cool. In 7th wk of 12/12 I feed with GH Coco Tek A and B grow n bloom. My ? Is I have been feeding to10% run OFF My plants look very healthy no signs of disease 1 did get a sun burn but I'm concerned because I'm reading all this stuff about everything and flushing. Which I plan for last 2 weeks but can anyone look at the pics and tell me if. Because I didn't pay attention to these things other than pH which I feed at 5.9 will it make My Weed less potent even though it has Huge dense buds?? My last grow was my first in many years and was A disaster any advice about flushing or anything would be great .they have 3 wks or. So left I think please let me know if you want better pics.sory so long. Ty it won't let me upload photos if someone can tell me what to do i have some

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  2. Just click upload a file or you can add images by url
  3. I tried upload kept saying error occurred. How do u do it by URL?

  4. How do I do it by URL? If you don't mind explaining
  5. I believe you would need to upload it to a different site, then right click the image to get the URL, then one of the icons is to add image by URL.

    If you are having issues uploading a picture normally maybe it's due to the size of the image or file type?

    I only use the mobile version.. so I'm not entirely sure..
  6. Should see thumbnail now sorry for the double
  7. Bump..... Pics are up now
  8. Bump..... Pics are up now
  9. They have a long ways to go tbh, at least from the pic I looked at (phone loads slow) I'd say a month+. Just means those buds will get way bigger still, so be patient with them and it'll pay off.
    From what I saw, looking pretty damn good :thumbsup:

    I flush for about a week or so before I harvest, tho a lot of people don't flush and say they notice no difference. So do whatever you want.

    Drying/curing is the most important step that a lot of newer growers mess up on. So do a lot of research on that if you haven't.
  10. Ty I will
    Thanks I will use microscope and check trichromes and try to get better pics

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