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  1. What do we know about ebola and cannabis? Will the government let access if cannabis helped with ebola?

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  2. probably not they'd rather make it another cash cow disease by making people buy big pharmas drugs that aren't as effective as cannabis. it's all about the $
  3. I highly doubt it. Ebola is their next big moneymaker. Making everyone think its the end all disease when the flu is still deadlier than ebola. Don't share body fluids with people contaminated and you won't get ebola

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  4. I think you got trolled
  5. Weed cures all. Didn't you know. Even Ebola.
  6. Cbd cures all
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  8. Yeah man I don't know, weed is good for disorders that stem from the brain. Ebola though is a infectious viral hemorrhagic fever, which means if it spreads throughout the body it leads to internal bleeding and organ failure. I don't see how weed could stop that.
  9. Weed is helpful for Ebola for two reasons. The non infected but worried can smoke and chill the fuck out and the infected can die really stoned.
    The end.

    The Dank Knight
  10. He is rite! Anyone notice how they magically have a so called vaccine Cure for it days after the news broke, this was planned, protocol says all incoming flights from the Ebola stricken areas should be haulted and entry to the US blocked, ya know, like Europe did over a month ago! Bill Gates and Monsanto are both involved with the creation of this this "ZMAPP" ebola cure-all. The same bill and Melinda Gates that infected thousands of African children with AIDS tainted vaccines several years ago!!
  11. Oh god.  stupid fake articles making their rounds and affecting the masses LOL!  One thing I will say, ebola has been around since the 70's.  It currently affects .00001% of the population and is less contageous than the common cold.... My theory on the ebola scare was just a way for marketing companies to make a lot of money off pharmaceutical company advertising.
  12. I just know that ebola makes an effective sheep bait.

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