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  1. I'm trying to make up my mind on what ebb and flow system I should start with. I've narrowed it down to HTG Supply's class-5 ebb and flow. Six site system. Or Greentree flo n gro ebb and flow system.

    I've heard good things about the Greentree but can't seem to find any reviews on the HTG supply one. The HTG is much cheaper but I'm worried the quality might be cheap as well. Anyone ever use these systems or have any recommendations?
  2. DIY.
    See my threads for ideas
  3. I'm actually thinking about doing just that. I'll check your stuff out and see if its something I can handle.
  4. Do you have a link to your diy stuff?
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    Flood table, reservoir, timer and pump put it togather and u have ebb n flow
  6. I plan on using a flood table for veg but I'm hoping I can use 5 gallon buckets for flower.
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    Thats my setup veg on table, flower in 5 gallon buckets ( Titan tsunami )
    I have not used it yet though it looks cool lol
  8. Thats my mother plant in coco clones will go in net pots on table
    Sorry about side ways pics

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  9. Apparently I never posted it here. Do a web search for Mini-Me F & D
  10. Stoner, are those MH bulbs on their sides? I can't say I've ever seen that.. Pretty dope though! I've got a good idea on how my veg room will be set up. It's the flower room and buckets that got me a bit confused. I looked at the tsunami system they looked solid. I'm still leaning toward that multi flow because of the newly designed buckets.
    Peflora, I'm looking your stuff up now! Thanks man!
  11. No its just my smaller 3 bulb t-5 on its side just trying to beef up my plant so i can take some clones
  12. I see. She's lookin pretty good to me!

    I'm shocked no one here has used the greentree multi flow system and can give me the pros and cons..
  13. It will be probley be about 6 weeks before my titan tsunami is in action but i started a journal ( grand dog Tahoe ) in the hydroponics grow journal section.... clones dont have roots yet
  14. I'll be sure to check it out since that was one of the systems I considered buying. I hope the tree wizards bless you with some monsters!

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