Ebb n flo 1st run

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  1. This is the grow that I started from seeds. Its my first ebb n flow hydroponic system. Although I have been an assistant to other hydroponic grows. I am also new to growing in the northwest which I first gave me some small bumps in the road as far as temperature although now I am quickly overcoming obstacles. I started with 4 different strains of cannabis. I have selected a mother burmese kush that I have placed in my closet in doing well. I have done some customizations to my grow that I would like to discuss in this thread. I'm also dealing with some minor problems concerning my hydroponic nutrient system that I would like to confront and receive it inside for through this thread. I have posted pictures of their current state.
    I received some seeds from a friend who I don't know how old they work and some of them seem to be unstable genetics. These dreams I did not sure what they are. The other two more important, specifically 1 is burmese kush and super silver haze. I begin with about 30 seeds. First 15 to sprout implanted into the grodan cubes. These strains vary widely in their preference for environment conditions, of the strains I selected two from each category. I also selected the most vigorous desirable plant shape growth/speed and theoretical stream differences. I settled on the train that I originally planned, a vastly superior genetic burmese kush female. Then continued to select the remaining 6 best plants and disposed of the remaining plants. At this point in time it is about a week and a half into flowering cycle_





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