Ebb & Grow -4k watts - c02 - Purple Erkel

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  1. Sup Lurkers and Fellow Growers!

    This is my 2nd Grow in this system, and my first round with 4k watts, and the c02 System, i will be updating this journal everyday with Note's to Self, Ph Adjustments, anything i need to remember, and you are welcome to tag along for the ride!

    May i might add, this is for myself and another patient, everything is legal ( Cept to the damn feds:mad: )

    Some info on the room

    4 x 1k Ballast, Barebulbin it, no Exhaust.
    15,000Btu Window Banger a/c
    15 site Ebb and Grow
    HydroGen c02 Monitor
    2x 20#lb c02 tanks and Regulator

    Didnt Leave anything out did i ?

    Running Purple Erkel with the General Hydroponics Lucas Formula (8-16mL/Gal)

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  2. second day in the room, c02 steadily staying 1300-1500 ppms, highs of the room are 85, low is 75 with lights off, Humidty 39-50%

    Plan is 2 weeks Veg and flip 5/16/11

    Currently undergoing some problems that i posted in the infirmary, hopefully i will get that all cleared out..

    Note to self: Buy a deheuy before i bite myself in the ass, going for a 65-70 pint, i will run a constant drain to waste. ( Yes, the water is great to use )
  3. Update:

    Took the ppm from 1600 to 500, shouldn't have burned the plants at full strength, overall looks good and will recover, humidity hit 65, deheuy on the way!

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